Introducing Brand-New Pricing Options for B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader

B2Broker is pleased to introduce pricing solutions for its core business, B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader. We have reduced the cost of all packages for all three components in order to make them more affordable to a broader wide range of businesses. This step demonstrates B2Broker’s dedication to offering world-class technology that fulfills the demands of both traders and brokers worldwide. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support!

Changes in Fees

Setup costs are no longer applicable to B2Trader, MarksMan, or B2Core users. All three components are now free of setup charges for the first time ever! Customers will save significantly since they will no longer have to pay a one-time fee of $25,000 for B2Trader and $2,000 for MarksMan. Clients will find it easier to get going with these solutions while also saving money in the long run with the setup costs being eliminated. Furthermore, by removing setup expenses, clients will be able to expand their application of these services as their requirements grow. It benefits both clients and the firms who sell such products.

We’ve changed our service contract to eliminate setup costs and provide tremendous savings to our consumers. For new users of B2Trader, Marksman Liquidity Hub, or B2Core, a three-month advance payment is now necessary. This shift will assist in simplifying our invoicing process while also cutting costs and giving creative ideas to our customers.

Moreover, the AWS invoice is no longer a separate payment for B2Trader clients. B2Broker will keep going to offer this fantastic service for free as we’ll cover the expenses. Only the monthly payment is required of our clients. We believe that this adjustment will make it easier for our consumers to handle their finances and save more capital.

Product Upgrades

We recently redesigned our packaging system for B2Trader to enhance its clarity and user-friendliness in order to give our customers the best possible trading experience. Currently, all packages provide features and functions; the only difference between them is the number of trading instruments and the order book level. If you only need a few pairs and a simple order book, the standard package is for you. If you require to list a large number of coins and tokens, the enterprise version, including 100 pairs as well as a 100×100 order book, is the best option!

Additionally, inside the advanced package for the MarksMan Liquidity Hub, we have lifted the limitation on the number of permitted external liquidity providers making things considerably easier for all clients by giving them additional freedom and options. With this upgrade, all customers may subscribe to an infinite number of external liquidity providers, enabling them to reliably offer trading services, understanding they have the most up-to-date market pricing.

Moreover, customer support queues are also being introduced by the B2Core group! We are devoted to providing the finest quality service to our clients and have a standard Customer Queue available for the standard and advanced subscriptions, as well as a specialized Queue for the enterprise package. All teams have already been notified, and we are now evaluating all applications. Once authorized, however, all enterprise package tasks will be prioritized. We feel that this new process will significantly improve our ability to service our consumers.

Furthermore, we have deleted any “coming soon” package components in order to be straightforward and explicit about what we provide and do not provide. It indicates that if a feature isn’t included in a package, it won’t be available until a future release. We aim to be as open and honest as possible with our consumers so that they may make educated judgments about which plan is best for them. 

To appropriately characterize the products, we have refreshed all connections and included more current functionality. We are convinced that these upgrades will enhance and enhance your experience.

The Prices

As already mentioned, B2Trader, MarksMan, and B2Core are our three main offerings. Most importantly, we’ve also made changes to our pricing structure to make it more plain and accessible. Since there are no longer any set-up costs or extra fees for operations, only monthly payment is required. The rates are as follows: 

  • The Standard plan for B2Core costs $1,000 per month, the Advanced package costs $1,500 per month, and the Enterprise package costs $2,500 per month. 
  • The Standard plan for B2Trader costs $6,000 per month, the Advanced package costs $8,000 per month, and the Enterprise package costs $10,000 per month. 
  • The Standard plan for MarksMan costs $1,000 per month, the Advanced package costs $2,000 per month, and the Enterprise package costs $3,000 per month, which also includes Hedging Trade Volume.

If you’re thinking about getting an annual membership, there’s a lot you should consider. You will be rewarded for agreeing to a whole year by receiving three free months. That implies you’ll just have to pay for nine months instead of twelve.


B2Broker is thrilled to deliver even more value to its customers with improved costs. The most recent pricing changes for B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader make the solutions further available to a wider variety of enterprises. B2Broker is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service by implementing these modifications. Thus, there is no need to wait. Sign up today to reap the benefits of these fantastic solutions at a discounted price! As usual, stay tuned for additional updates and improvements in the future. We appreciate your comments, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or recommendations.



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