Introducing Bitcoin Quantum (BTCQ): The Evolution of Bitcoin with Deflationary Attributes and Utility Features


July 31, 2023 — Bitcoin Quantum (BTCQ), an ERC20-based token, has announced its expansion to the global market. BTCQ which is an ERC20-based token that blends the essential features of Bitcoin with hyper-deflationary characteristics, offers functionality that allows holders to earn through staking.

BTCQ applies a unique technique similar to Bitcoin’s halving by integrating token burning, further fueling scarcity and setting the stage for steady price growth. To add to its user-friendly nature, BTCQ utilizes Ethereum’s smart contract features and adaptability, making it a compelling proposition in the crypto ecosystem.

The total supply of BTCQ tokens is capped at 21 million, mimicking Bitcoin’s original supply cap. The distribution includes 35% (7,350,000 tokens) offered during the presale, 24% (5,040,000 tokens) locked for future burning, and 41% (8,610,000 tokens) locked for staking.

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The presale of BTCQ will commence soon, with 2,450,000 BTCQ tokens to be sold in each of the three rounds. This presents an excellent opportunity for investors to own a piece of BTCQ for less than a dollar, adding a compelling layer to their crypto portfolios.

The purchase process is facilitated by the integration of MetaMask and Trust Wallet in DApps. However, those who prefer using other wallet apps or mobile wallets can also participate using the Wallet Connect option.

As the presale concludes, buyers will have the chance to claim their tokens before BTCQ makes its grand entry on Uniswap and other centralized exchanges. Note that claiming and trading BitcoinQ is possible only via the Ethereum network.

The launch of BTCQ is not just a market event but the beginning of an exciting journey. Stakeholders can participate, not just observe, and earn passive income through staking. The roadmap of BTCQ comprises of a public presale, launch and staking deployment, integration of the combustion model, network development and expansion, and finally ensuring the long-term viability of the BTCQ network.

The ambition behind Bitcoin Quantum is not just about creating a new token, but about revolutionizing the cryptocurrency ecosystem by blending the core benefits of Bitcoin and Ethereum. By providing both deflationary characteristics and earning potential through staking, BTCQ aims to set new standards in the world of cryptocurrency.

About Bitcoin Quantum

Bitcoin Quantum (BTCQ) is an ERC20-based token that combines the core functionality of Bitcoin with hyper-deflationary attributes and utility features. BTCQ offers a unique blend of Bitcoin’s technology and Ethereum’s versatility, providing functionality that enables holders to earn through staking while also leveraging a deflationary burning algorithm to promote scarcity and price growth.

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