International Women’s Day and Juventus Women’s Football Team Get Recognition from Bitget Crypto Exchange

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International Women’s Day in 2023 is being commemorated by a landmark event as the Bitget global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has announced its sponsorship of the Juventus Women’s Team. The event is an important step for the exchange as it strives to advance the image of an inclusive environment for the entire crypto market and support women in their desire to seize new opportunities and achieve their aspirations.

The Juventus Women’s Team is the winner of five league titles, two Coppa Italia titles, and three Supercoppa Italiana titles, as well as the quarter-finalist of the UEFA Women’s Championship League of 2022. The team also became the only Italian team to win all season matches in 2021, underscoring the excellence of the players and being testimony to women’s abilities to achieve amazing feats in sports.

The Bitget exchange is proud to have an inclusive working environment, as 40% of the company’s staff are women and take up a variety of positions within the corporate structure. The exchange is determined to continue fostering an inclusive atmosphere and is confident that its support for the Juventus Women’s Team will act as inspiration for more women around the world to enter crypto space and take advantage of the many opportunities it offers.

“We feel a deep affinity with Juventus Women, whose sporting achievements and spirit have rewritten the footballing record books. Sponsoring the Juventus Women’s Team will bring crypto to a wider female audience and motivate women to seize the opportunities that life presents. We’re confident that this partnership will develop into a long-running arrangement that will work to the advantage of all parties,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, spoke about the announcement of the sponsorship.

Tiziana Di Gioia, Chief Commercial Officer of Juventus, confirmed the club’s favorable approach towards cryptocurrency space and digital technologies as a whole. The football club is also determined to give equal opportunities to all and welcomes the adoption of new approaches to the advancement of its values.

Bitget has signed collaboration contracts with Juventus in the past, including its 2021 sleeve partnership, which later extended to the 2022-2023 season. The exchange is currently in the process of launching a global Take Your Shot campaign with Juventus, aimed at supporting aspiring individuals worldwide.

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