Interesting Cryptos To Buy In August: Uniglo (GLO), FTX (FTT), And Monero (XMR)


It’s no secret that the world of cryptocurrency is unstable. Where should you put your money in August? Here are three exciting cryptos to consider: Uniglo (GLO), FTX (FTT), and Monero (XMR).

There’s a lot of hype about the new currency Uniglo – an ERC20 token that offers a unique asset-backing system. FTX is another ERC20 token with quick transaction times and reasonable costs, while Monero (XMR) is well-known for privacy-focused functions. What makes these three the best picks for August?

Uniglo (GLO) 

Some of the most remarkable crypto features we’ve recently seen were made possible by the Uniglo team. It is entirely deflationary, just what the economy needs right now. That’s because it has a complete asset-backed store of value, which is something fiat lost long ago and is a gold standard for the cryptocurrency sector. Since all of these assets are equally diversified, the performance of any of them won’t significantly impact the price of GLO as a whole, protecting it against severe price drops just to those seen by assets that rely too heavily on BTC.

Additionally, GLO has a novel ultra-burn system to restrict supplies continuously. GLO is a truly deflationary currency with a price people can have genuine trust in since it gets rarer as more tokens are burned, creating a completely deflationary coin.

Although there is a chance for more lows, August is shaping to be an excellent month for investors. As long as no more unpleasant shocks and macroeconomic variables are priced into the market, Uniglo is poised to achieve some huge profits.

Uniglo’s second presale round is just about to begin. The rising popularity, growing community, KYC verified team, and unique merge of services make it an excellent option to achieve greater returns in the upcoming months. 


The FTX Token (FTT), which many whales used to perform millions of dollars worth of transactions, has recently recovered some of its value. The price has increased. While the record low was $31.44, it is now hovering around the $32 level, serving as the price’s hallmark as of May 13 and demonstrating that it may continue to be recession-proof.

The Sentiment Score offers an instant overview of the cryptocurrency’s most recent performance. This may be helpful for both long-term investors wanting to purchase the drop and short-term investors hoping to ride a rebound.

Monero (XMR)

A secret, safe, and untraceable cryptocurrency called Monero (XMR) is an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on CryptoNote technology.

On April 18, 2014, Nicolas van Saberhagen invented Monero under the moniker BitMonero.

Ring signatures which is a feature of Monero, provide total user anonymity. This implies that unless someone has access to your private keys, they cannot know to who you are transferring money or your balance. Only compulsion or malware on your machine might allow someone to get this information.

Monero is among the top 30 biggest cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization. It has existed for a long time because of its privacy qualities. Due to customers wanting to do business in privacy, it is a great option for long-term investments.

Since Monero is now trading below its prior high, this is the ideal time for investors to acquire the coin.

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