Intelli Network is now Live on the IOTA Mainnet

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The IOTA ecosystem has successfully expanded once again. A new service has launched, known as Intelli Network.

For the IOTA ecosystem, this is a pretty big deal.

Another big Milestone for the IOTA Project

It shows that individual projects see merit in the Tangle to facilitate their own business model.

For those unfamiliar with Intelli Network, a bit of explanation is in order.

This project positions itself as a crime alert and data service provider.

It allows users to report criminal activity and get rewards for keeping community members safe from harm.

It is also a solution catered to businesses who suffer from crime on a regular basis.

This confirms it is not just used to report suspicious online activity, but it might make a real-world difference as well. 

All reports submitted through this service are completely anonymous.

Under the hood, Intelli Network uses blockchain technology, machine learning, and other innovative technologies.

It now appears that the project has decided to tap IOTA for its underpinning technology.

That makes some sense, given IOTA’s vision of building a better Internet of Things.

If it can succeed in connecting billions of devices around the world, that will benefit Intelli Network as well.

All in all, a very interesting way of utilizing new technologies which have ties to cryptocurrency ecosystems. 

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