Hospital Efficiency Through Insurance Card Scan and Capture

insurance card scan

Insurance card scan and verification is a very large part of most medical practices today. When medical staff previously input information manually, mistakes could occur which wasted both time and money. In fact, up to 25% of health care expenditures are due to administrative overhead, which equates to about $17 billion in the US each year. 

Automating insurance verification makes the entire process much faster and eliminates the chance of human error. With AI-powered insurance card verification, insurance payer data is recognized and data is entered quickly and accurately without the need for manual interference. 

Transitioning to digital insurance capture and verification means medical staff no longer have to spend hours searching insurance websites to verify claims, or spend time on the phone hunting down patients and their providers. Patients can also be sure they are receiving the correct bill for their medical needs. Overall, digital insurance capture is beneficial for all parties involved. You can learn more about these processes in the infographic below:

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC

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