DACC, a firm offering institutional investors with a wide range of custody solutions, has just announced that it will now be offering its clients the option of dealing with Stellar (XLM).

As part of this latest offering, a representative for DACC mentioned that this latest addition will bring Stellar to a wide array of institutions, such as:

  • Registered investment advisors

  • Hedge funds

  • Private equity firms

  • Crypto exchanges

  • OTC crypto brokers and Token issuers

Additionally, when talking about his company’s latest move, Matthew Johnson, co-founder of DACC said:

“With a market cap in the billions of dollars, XLM has become one of the more widely-held cryptocurrency investments in today’s market – necessitating a secure, trusted solution for institutions that require a custodian for regulatory or client due diligence purposes,”

Johnson also added that in order to deliver clients with the maximum amount of security, DACC will place all of its crypto holdings in a cold storage solution that will not be connected to the internet– thus maximizing the safety of their funds.

Final Take

With custody solutions slowly gaining traction within the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, it now remains to be seen how the future of this burgeoning market plays out in the months to come.

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