The current Bitcoin price momentum has a lot of people excited, as the currency has witnessed its largest gain in two weeks partly due to rumors of major financial names entering the cryptocurrency space.

Financial Giants Focus on Bitcoin

For the longest time, experts within the financial sector have ignored cryptocurrencies by calling them all sorts of names. However, that situation has come to change rather drastically over the past 12 months, especially since more and more big-name financial players have started to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The latest individual who is paying attention to Bitcoin is Steven Cohen. The billionaire investor is said to have put money into a crypto-oriented hedge fund. Additionally, there is also a rumor regarding BlackRock investing in cryptocurrencies, primarily through futures contracts.

This renewed interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain has triggered a major market change, with nearly all of the major cryptocurrencies noting major gains in the past two weeks. However, the bigger question is “how long can this momentum remain in place?” For now, it appears as though most regulatory decisions seem to be favoring Bitcoin and other alt-currencies– which is a promising sign.

Final Thoughts

More money entering the cryptocurrency space can only be considered to be a good thing, especially considering how the markets have seen major declines throughout the first half of this year.

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