Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Payment System


By using blockchain, businesses, including the gambling industry, can automate their payment processes while maintaining straightforwardness and top safety. Some of the sectors that have witnessed a massive transformation thanks to innovation are the finance and payments industry. Today, the globe is witnessing a digital revolution, and the casino industry has adopted several technologies to make payment procedures fast and straightforward. 

Human beings have evolved from making and receiving funds through cash to creating cashless economies. With the adoption of a vast range of crypto payment methods, such as the digital currency Bitcoin, people have started accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment. With the massive acceptance of decentralized tech, individuals have discovered the advantages of blockchain payments. 

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To see how the concept has transformed or is changing how people transact, we’ve curated several details such as how it works, its pros, and much more. 

What are the Advantages of Blockchain in Payments? 

It promotes secure, fast, and reduced-cost global payment processing services via encrypted distributed ledgers that offer safe real-time verifications without intermediaries like clearinghouses and correspondent establishments. BTC was the first in the market to use this tech. However, today there is a huge array of other digital assets. 

Below are the pros of this tech and how it’s transforming our lives.

Eliminates Intermediaries 

You’ll need mediators with the most available payment systems. To transact, you need to use a few authorizations and intermediaries like exchange mode, payment gateway, issuer, etc. Although these intermediaries promote authenticity, there are several cons, such as high fees and increased processing time. However, a blockchain system doesn’t come with these drawbacks. 

Enhances Transparency 

The top-level clarity that comes with this tech is one of its leading advantages. All deals are immutable, stored in the structure, and visible to everyone. 

Automation With Smart Contracts

Smart contracts automation is an excellent feature, especially for individuals operating companies and businesses. When you’re writing a smart contract, you need to specify all the terms for transferring funds. The receiver will only get paid after meeting the required credentials. 

Quick And Safe Cross-Border Deals 

Cross-border agreements happen when the sender and receiver live in different parts of the world. In the past, this has not been easy. However, a Blockchain payment system helps people quickly transfer money from one nation to another. They reduce the processing period and eliminate intermediaries, thus reducing the cost of a transaction.

How do Blockchain Payment Systems Work? 

Typically, the blockchain payment system is a scattered record of arrangements that happens online via gold assets. You can simply define it as blocks of specifics arranged chronologically. 


Let’s assume you live in the USA and pay $5,000 to a relative in Sweden. Both of your institutions are linked to a Stellar blockchain payment system. Below is how the procedure takes place.

  1. You’ll request to transfer $5,000 from your bank to the relative’s bank.
  2. Your relative’s bank in Sweden will receive your request, and the institution will approve the request after notifying him.
  3. After your bank gets approval, it deducts $5,000 from your account. 
  4. The cash will go to the pool account of your bank, and it’ll convert to Stellar Lumens (XLM). 
  5. The XLM will go to the Stellar grid that converts them into Euros at the most favorable exchange rate. 
  6. Your relative’s bank in Sweden will then credit his account with the cash in Euros. 

Banking institutions act as “Anchors” in a Stellar. They’re the bridge between the Stellar Network and currencies.

Why People Gamble with Crypto 

Blockchain technology offers a lot of pros, and more gamblers want to gamble with it. The procedure is straightforward because of utilizing the structure it’s built and is also becoming one of the most popular wagering ways among most users. Humans want to wager with these international payment processing services for similar reasons they want to own cryptos. Inflation doesn’t affect them; they are secure and safe, and the distributed ledger nature increases the level of trust.

Currently, blockchain offers multiple advantages in the gaming sector. BTC is one of the most common topics among modern gamblers. One of the main pros of the tech is allowing players and other users to verify and secure all kinds of agreements.  Additionally, having a robust blockchain online casino software development structure can benefit gambling platforms in many ways, such as enhancing data privacy, promoting faster access and efficiency, having a streamlined sign-up process, guaranteeing instantaneous and cost-effective transfers, digital identity verification, etc. With these additions to online gaming platforms, bettors are guaranteed an ultimate gaming experience. 

If you compare central bank digital currency and debit or credit cards to them, you will think the latter are archaic. 

Benefits of Blockchain in Gambling 

There are many ways that gamblers can benefit from this innovation when it comes to the speed and safety of transacting on gaming platforms, as discussed above. Blockchain deployments promise to fulfill both. 

Blockchain in Payment: Why We Need This Technology? 

Below are some of the reasons we need modern innovations:

Delayed Cross-border Transactions

Cross-border affairs can take many days or weeks to complete, negatively affecting businesses. In case of an emergency, traditional methods might not be ideal. However, this can be resolved thanks to new tech such as P2P transfer applications. 

Low Card Data Security

While processing a settlement, financial institutions like banks need to conduct several checks to accept funds via cards. However, some don’t prioritize card information safety, exposing it to cybercriminals. 

If you are worried about your card details falling into the wrong hands, you have a wide range of other options you can use while playing online. Playing at PaySafeCard casinos ensures that you can enable instant deposits without risking your data. Paysafecard, which was launched in 2000 in Austria, allows users to purchase prepaid tickets that they can use at their favorite online casinos. 

Lack of Proper Technical Integration 

Most providers are still using legacy networks in their daily operations. However, these networks can’t handle the rising demand of businesses and customers and can lead to a lot of errors and delays.

Complex Financial Regulation Across Territories 

Each nation has its rules and regulations when it comes to payment services and trade finance. Because of this, a company has to deal with a new set of regulations when they side to expand to new boundaries. It means they’ve to change their business models for each new jurisdiction. 

Increasing Cyber Attacks 

The sector is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks which have caused huge losses to companies and companies. However, cryptocurrencies and other related methods have proper regulation protocols, which ensure it is impossible to steal or hack them.


New innovations are the future in all industries. With cybercash becoming highly popular, cryptographic ledgers will also follow.

In the coming years, we’ll witness land-based casinos, and old online sites motivated to create modern platforms and adopt modern structures. Although the future of this kind of tech is always tough to predict, there’s no doubt that it will be around for many years.

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