Immutable X Scaling on NFTs and Gaming as Investors Showing Confidence in Sparklo (SPRK) Presale


Immutable X continues solidifying its presence in web3 gaming with the recent partnership with Polygon, making the platform easier and faster for game developers.

Meanwhile, enthusiasts of the metal markets will get a chance to trade in blockchain with the introduction of Sparklo’s investment platform, where they can stake gold, silver, and platinum.

Immutable X: NFTs and Beyond

Immutable X is a layer-two scaling solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum. It is unique as it enables the trading and minting of NFTs at nearly zero gas fees while still maintaining security.

Unlike other blockchain platforms, Immutable X (IMX) focuses solely on NFTs and provides a marketplace for NFTs. Its users can register and deposit NFTs that they own into their inventory.

Alternatively, they can buy NFTs from the marketplace or list them for sale. For this, Immutable X takes a 2% fee on every NFT trade or primary asset sales.

Immutable X also has interests in the billion-dollar gaming landscape and has joined forces with Polygon in a bid to entice more web3 gaming developers. The platform will create Immutable zkEVM on Polygon’s zero-knowledge technology, making the development of web3 games more efficient and faster.

The move will attract both game studios and independent game developers to create high-quality games.

Its native token (IMX) powers the platform. The ERC-20 utility token is used to pay the transaction fees and also accelerate growth. Developers who contribute to the building of the Immutable X protocol are rewarded with the Immutable X (IMX) token, and they can vote on the protocol’s future.

Analysts Sparklo (SPRK) as the Project to Look Out For

Aside from the NFTs marketplace, investors are also looking to staking on real-world assets on a blockchain. Sparklo will become the first blockchain investment trading platform specializing in the metal market.

The Sparklo platform will enable investors to trade in gold, silver, and platinum on the blockchain. By decentralizing the metal market, the platform will make what is traditionally reserved for a few to be accessible to more users worldwide.

Sparklo will tokenize the gold, silver, and platinum on the blockchain so that users can stake in the metal assets by owning the SPRK tokens. The platform will also enable fractional ownership to allow investors to own shares of the metal they want to stake. This will lower the entry barrier to make it accessible to more investors.

Being a decentralized platform, the Sparklo blockchain will provide access even to those that were traditionally locked out of the metal markets, like some developing countries and those without bank accounts. They will be able to stake in the metal assets.

Fractional ownership also lowers the entry barrier, allowing inclusivity for investors without huge spending power. Sparklo seeks to eliminate the intermediaries that make staking in the metal markets a costly affair. There will be no need for costly commissions and brokers as users can do peer-to-peer trading on the platform.

Furthermore, unlike other trading platforms, Sparklo’s technology enables instant withdrawals and deposits, which take time and processes to withdraw funds.

At the moment, Sparklo is at a presale price of only $0.015, making it an investment worth checking out. Importantly, liquidity will be locked for 100 years, making it a completely safe project for investors.

Sparklo has already taken and passed its audit with Interfi Network.

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