Imminent Cosmos ($ATOM) Upgrade: Will Borroe.Finance and Aptos Catch Up?


The Cosmos ($ATOM) network will soon offer liquid staking services, causing token holders to expect a rally. Meanwhile, Borroe.Finance ($ROE) is one of the best-rated projects in the DeFi sector.

Analysts say its recent 25% growth shows its potential to become a top ICO. Elsewhere, other analysts are hoping Aptos ($APT) can catch up, given its recent partnership with Microsoft.

Both Cosmos and Borroe.Finance hold great potential, but which will emerge on top?

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Cosmos ($ATOM) Set to Launch Liquid Staking

On September 13, Cosmos ($ATOM) will release its latest network upgrade, bringing the anticipated Liquid Staking Module (LSM). Cosmos’ ($ATOM) upgrade will massively improve network liquidity while unlocking $ATOM tokens worth millions of dollars.

Token holders are anticipating the upgrades despite Cosmos’ ($ATOM) bearish run caused by the market crash of September 1. $ATOM was trading at $7.22 on August 30. It then crashed by 7.7% to $6.66 on September 1 after the SEC’s delay of Spot BTC ETF approvals.

$ATOM had fallen further by 2.5% to $6.49 on September 12. Analysts say adding a liquid staking protocol would boost Cosmos’ DeFi services. An increase in DeFi services could boost Cosmos user adoption. If Cosmos’ network adoption rises, its token price could follow. So $ATOM could rise to $7.35 when its newest upgrade goes live.

$ROE Token Dazzles Investors with 300% ROI

The DeFi industry is about to get a massive boost with the upcoming launch of Borroe.Finance. The platform is a decentralized fundraising marketplace that provides instant funding avenues for Web 3.0 companies. It provides a comprehensive peer-to-peer ecosystem where Web 3.0 firms can access instant loans.

Borroe.Finance ($ROE) aims to smoothen daily business management through its provision of instant funding. The platform uses revenue financing in an innovative approach that offers low costs and speedy approval.

On Borroe.Finance ($ROE), companies raise funds by auctioning their invoices. Investors then purchase these invoices at discounts, thus meeting the financial needs of the companies. Borroe.Finance uses Artificial intelligence to assess the creditworthiness of each loan request. This provides more security for investors.

Like many of the best DeFi coins, $ROE’s projections are very high. The earliest investors to join Borroe.Finance already realized a 25% ROI as it entered Stage 1 of its presale. $ROE is now trading at $0.0125. By the end of its presale, $ROE would reach $0.0400, growing by 220% from its current price.

Many analysts agree that few projects can match the growth of Borroe.Finance’s blockchain ICO.


Aptos Partners with Microsoft – $APT Doesn’t Follow

On August 9, 2023, Aptos ($APT) entered a partnership with Microsoft designed to incorporate AI services into regular day-to-day life. The partnership would see Microsoft AI trained with data sets from the Aptos blockchain.

Likewise, Aptos ($APT) will run validator nodes for its network from the Microsoft Azure cloud. The excitement caused Aptos’ investor sentiment to rise. $APT was trading at $6.66 on August 7.

After the partnership was announced, $APT jumped by 11.1% to $7.40 on August 9. Despite the excitement, the Aptos ($APT) network was not spared from the bearish sentiments that followed the September market crash.

Analysts say Aptos ($APT) network activity could drop because of the pervasiveness of the ongoing bear market. These analysts predict a fall of 4.6% to $4.89 for $APT due to the lingering bear market.

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