IDO and ICO promotion agency Baden Bower quadruples their blockchain clients year on year

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2019 sparked the commencement of the IDO, following in the footsteps of ICOs and IEOs. From this date, many crypto projects were drawn to the decentralized nature of these exchanges making them a better way to launch tokens and raise funds without the complications of centralized exchanges.

Since then crypto launchpads have launched in droves, offering services specifically for new projects to conduct IDOs. Tahis further boosted the popularity of IDOs as a fundraising method in the crypto space.

Although ICOs and IEOs gave rise to some of the most popular crypto projects, they come with their own set of problems. In the case of ICOs, the lack of screening posed a threat to the investors and made investors vulnerable to huge losses. With regards to IEOs, centralization was a major concern as CEXs are susceptible to thefts and cyber scams.

In this context, IDOs are becoming the new favorite in the crypto market and they have quite a few advantages when compared to ICOs and IEOs.

For starters, IDOs are completely permissionless and require little to no fee for token listing on DEXs.

Because DEXs do not hold user funds, they are not susceptible to security breaches and investors can access tokens through their secure wallets.

Tokens are immediately available for trading, eliminating the waiting period hassle.

Most DEX launchpads run on community governance. This means that it is a community and not just a few central authorities that make the decision to list a project.

Publicity for ICOs, IDOs and IEOs is Baden Bower’s Speciality

Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring that an ICO reaches its target audience and succeeds. Investors do not purchase ICO tokens unless they are fully informed about them. This is where initial coin offering marketing comes in. It helps a crypto startup get funding with the help of promoting it through PR and content creation.

Baden Bower is the leading brand in this space, quadrupling its client base yearly. They have helped more than a hundred brands gain momentum in the hyper-competitive crypto world through impressive content production, public relations and paid advertising.

This success was attributed to the company’s skilled and experienced team and their ability to provide guaranteed editorial coverage.

As a result of the steady growth of its client base, Baden Bower has expanded its marketing services to include non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized and centralized exchanges (DEX/CEX), decentralized finance (DeFi) and other blockchain applications.

The company’s spokesperson stated, “We manage the responsibility of making your ICO famous by spreading positive news about it, growing user interest in your token and telling people why they should invest in the project.”

The company also credited its success to its strategy and thought leadership. Baden Bower can position your team and project as the right solution for your target audience. The firm achieves this through flawless messaging, positioning, PR and thought leadership content. Their news stories are always guaranteed. Their unique selling proposition is guaranteed crypto marketing coverage on the world’s largest news sties. 

ICO & IDO Publicity and Marketing With A Twist

Baden Bower is a well-known ICO and IDO marketing firm that provides crypto projects with tailored and results-driven ICO promotion strategies to ensure the success of their token sales. They simplify the process of pitching, crafting and publishing press releases across the world.

The firm has developed enviable relationships with more than 1,000 crypto and business outlets, allowing it to deliver monthly web visits of two million or more, a web conversion rate of more than 5 percent and the building of hundreds of thousands-strong communities for its clients.

Hiring a top-tier ICO promotion agency is critical to a crypto venture’s success. The project team must first identify their specific needs before selecting an agency that best fits their culture and goals. Baden Bower is an experienced agency that knows how to bring any crypto project to the spotlight.

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