As per latest reports doing the rounds on the internet, a critical smart-contract bug has been discovered in Yggdrash (YEED) — a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchain system that promotes platform interoperability. This latest finding has uncovered a serious flaw that allows everyone except for the contract creator to enable and disable token transfers for everyone.

However, hours after the problem was detected, many crypto users also found that the same bug was present in the native Icon (ICX) smart contract as well. As a result of this, an unidentified user began spamming the contract with the ‘disable transfer’ function, thereby prompting ICON to block all ICX related transactions temporarily. 

Following the spreading of this news like wildfire on Reddit, Binance released a statement saying that it too was suspending all ICX withdrawals and deposits until the issue had been rectified.

Hours later, Binance re-enabled its ICX wallet making token transfers possible once again. However, things still remain quite uncertain for the currency as transactions can still be disabled by the smart contract if someone possessing the required GAS decides to do so.

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