Huobi Token (HT) And Sandbox (SAND) No Match For Sparklo (SPRK) As Investors Chase Parabolic Gains

The crypto market moves fast, and investors always look for the next big thing. In the past, exchange tokens like Huobi Token (HT) and Metaverse cryptocurrencies like Sandbox (SAND) drew investors in droves.

Today, Huobi Token (HT) and Sandbox (SAND) are a pale shadow of themselves as volumes dry up. One cryptocurrency that looks all set to drive the next hype phase is Sparklo. Many crypto analysts believe Sparklo (SPRK) could be one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies after its presale.

Huobi Token (HT) Struggles As Decentralized Exchanges Gain Momentum

A while back, exchange tokens like Huobi Token (HT) were considered the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in. However, with the collapse of FTX, regulatory scrutiny of other top crypto exchanges like Binance, and the growing shift towards DEXs, the hype around Huobi Token (HT) and other exchange tokens is gone.

There is also the fact that Huobi has China origins, a country currently in the middle of a tech decoupling with the US. All this means there is a chance Huobi Token (HT) will never recover due to the increased risk of a regulatory crackdown.

While the future looks bleak for Huobi Token (HT), and other exchange tokens, many opportunities abound in the crypto market. Sparklo (SPRK) is one of the cryptocurrencies looking to revitalize the NFTs space, and momentum is already rising.

Sandbox (SAND) Future Bleak As The Metaverse Falls Out Of Favor

In 2020, there was a lot of hype around the Metaverse, and Sandbox (SAND) was gaining traction for the same reason. However, along the way, investors realized that the virtual worlds of Sandbox (SAND) and other Metaverse cryptocurrencies never lived up to the hype.

With Facebook recently doing away with the Metaverse, Sandbox (SAND) and other Metaverse cryptocurrencies will likely see no future upside. Sandbox (SAND) has already seen a significant drop in investor interest as money flows away. Whales essential in driving up the Sandbox (SAND) price have already exited.

Besides, new cryptocurrencies like Sparklo (SPRK) that promise better returns to investors are already taking the shine away from Sandbox (SAND) and other Metaverse cryptos.

Sparklo’s Interesting Use Case Excites The Market

While the likes of Huobi Token (HT) and Sandbox (SAND) struggle, analysts expect Sparklo (SPRK) to do thousands of percentages of gains within 2023. The excitement stems from Sparklo (SPRK) strong use case. Sparklo aims to enable the fractional buying of precious metals like Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Essentially, Sparklo (SPRK) allows investors to buy into NFTs with an underlying value, which is a big deal. There is so much excitement around the revolutionary idea of Sparklo (SPRK) that many analysts expect this cryptocurrency to make it to the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap once the presale is done.

Besides the excitement around Sparklo (SPRK) ‘s unique use case, investors are confident thanks to the transparency around Sparklo (SPRK) ‘s presale. The InterFi Network audits Sparklo’s reserves and its smart contract. Sparklo (SPRK) is also doing a Know Your Customer (KYC). For those looking to get in on the presale, Sparklo (SPRK) is going for only $0.015.

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