HUMAN announce v2 upgrade with Routing Protocol

Last week, HUMAN Protocol announced the introduction of the Routing Protocol, a new layer to coordinate and incentivize the various third parties that operate the network.

This upgrade sets the stage for a new wave of utility for HMT. It is a vision of decentralization by allowing third parties to come to agreement on standards for fees, staking, slashing models, and voting.

Perhaps most importantly, the Routing Protocol paves the way for DeFi applications to integrate with the Protocol to incentivize network contribution. 

Voting rights will be accessible via the new protocol to those who lock up their HMT. This will facilitate decentralization and a community voice in directing the future of HUMAN. 

This is an exciting prospect for a project that is bringing knowledge work, such as data annotation, the backbone of the ML industry, on-chain. They have also made waves in DeFi, with Hummingbot collaborating to build decentralized reward pools, while Pyth will be leveraging HUMAN’s question and response system to provide on-chain price arbitration for DeFi. Other recent community work includes Multichain, who are building a bridge for HMT.

Incentivizing adoption

The Routing Protocol incentivizes decentralized parties to operate the network. It also sets the standards for how network operators will engage with the network, including how they can earn, and be penalized, according to their role.

It is clear to see how this new Routing Protocol will massively incentivize the adoption of HUMAN. A way for L1s, network operators, DeFi applications, ML applications, and more, to earn for their contribution to running a truly decentralized network. 

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