There have been various rumors regarding companies releasing their blockchain phones later this year. One such product is being designed by HTC, a company that is currently struggling to gain traction within today’s mobile and VR industry. Its HTC Exodus phone will not just be blockchain-capable, but it will also offer Lightning Network support.

HTC Embraces the Lightning Network

Up to this point, it is still relatively unclear as to what one should expect from a blockchain phone exactly. It seems to make little to no sense on paper, mainly because most blockchain applications cannot be accessed through any mobile device. At the same time, companies such as HTC see merit in exploring these options since they want to target a very specific target audience.

The HTC Exodus is the company’s flagship blockchain phone. It will be one of the first devices of this magnitude to come to market, although its chances of success remain to be determined at this stage. With an expected release of Q3 2018, the HTC Exodus will be of great interest to a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts– especially since it will support Lightning Network transactions. 

What’s on Offer Here Exactly?

To put things into perspective, the HTC Exodus will offer a built-in cryptocurrency wallet application that supports Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. By extension, it will offer Lightning Network capabilities, seemingly for both Litecoin and Bitcoin alike.

With that being said, the bigger question is whether or not Lightning Network support will get more people excited about the HTC Exodus. As of right now, the phone doesn’t offer something users can’t achieve through other potentially far cheaper means. Trusting third parties with cryptocurrency information is always ill-advised, especially if that includes a mobile phone manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

It would be best to wait for initial reviews of the HTC Exodus to come out prior to preordering or buying the unit. Since there is no information regarding hardware specs or the official price tag right now, there are still a lot of unknown factors which need to be addressed sooner or later. 

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