How Will Crypto Impact the Metaverse?

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The Metaverse is the future of social interaction online. It launched recently and it still needs to smoothen some rough edges. So far it looks promising and there are lots of interesting features it offers. These features are connected to crypto in that they share the same technology that serves as their backbone – blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is already widely used in the world of entertainment, especially in the world of gaming. Gamers can use various cryptocurrencies in games such as CS: GO to buy skins and outfits for their characters. In addition, cryptocurrencies are frequently used in the world of iGaming as well. Casino players will find that some of the best real money casinos offer cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Some of them even focus on a single crypto, like Bitcoin casinos.

As mentioned before, the Metaverse is still in its early stages and it depends on blockchain to run.

The Metaverse Prospects

The Metaverse resembles a variety of online games because it’s set in a 3D world and lets you create an avatar of yourself that can roam the world. Just like in most online games, you can buy all sorts of outfits and customizations for your avatar to make them look more interesting.

This could reflect the real world as there would be sneaker stores like Nike, Adidas, and others that can let you choose a specific pair of shoes for your avatar. You can try any piece of clothing for your avatar before you go and buy the real thing. That’s how the real world and Metaverse will link. Players could also build their home in an area that’s a mini version of the area they live in, remodel it, and refurbish their real home.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As a player, you’ll be able to create content in this game. There’s a digital world called the Sandbox where you’ll get to do exactly that. Blockchain helps maintain this world as it’s behind the crypto used in this digital world. You can use SAND to buy NFTs, land, buildings, and other accessories.

If you’re up for a game and you’re a Pokémon fan then you’ll like Axie Infinity. The monsters in this game are called Axies and you’ll need to train them to fight other Axies. The more battles you win the more AXS tokens you’ll earn, and you can use these tokens to upgrade your Axies, or get new ones. The fun part is that each Axie is an NFT, which is powered by blockchain, so you can see the crypto influence again.

Coffee lovers can visit the Crypto Baristas’ digital world where their avatars can have a cup of coffee. The developers behind it are also working on opening a coffee shop in New York called Coffee Bros. and it will link the virtual and real world where coffee lovers can coexist.


These are only some of the digital worlds available in the Metaverse. You can see the crypto impact on this digital world as any new kind of cryptocurrency or NFT uses blockchain technology to function.

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