How Utility-Driven NFTs are Making A Statement. The Case of Crypto Thots

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The statistics and the investment amounts of NFT buyers nowadays have been increasing. According to, in 2021 alone, NFT buyers generated a total of $5.4 billion in profits. Even so, there’s a certain category of people who still question, up to this day, the real value of NFTs. After all, traditionally, digital assets have been easily replicable, as they’re just pixels on screens.

Why Do Some People Find Traditional NFTs Invaluable?

There are many reasons why some people still find traditional NFT projects to be invaluable. First, this category finds NFTs to be easily replicable. Think about an emoji. No matter who designs it, its value drops to zero as soon as it is shared on the web. Anyone could save a local copy indistinguishable from the original. This is the same for images, videos, illustrations, or digital art.

However, NFTs are based on cryptographic technology that does not allow duplication to happen. That’s why people theoretically ascribe value to them because they are scarce. Fortunately, if scarcity isn’t a good enough reason for you to invest in NFT projects, crypto startups are developing utility-driven NFTs. Projects such as Crypto Thots are leading the way.

What is Crypto Thots?

For an NFT to be considered to be utility-driven, it needs to help create the real market value that is sorely missing in the NFT space. After a quick search online we found an interesting, new project called Crypto Thots that does just that through their roadmap

Crypto Thots, the NFT marketplace that helps you become a P.I.M.P in the NFT Space, is minting on the 8th of June 2022. Through its minting, it promises to bridge the gap between NFTs and online content providers, help you collect thots, build your harem, and become an NFT P.I.M.P.

Not only is the project minting soon, but they’re also making a statement through their +60K Otherside land giveaway, as they set out to help their holders achieve their passive income goals. To do so, until minting day, they are giving away daily prizes for 5 random active users in the Crypto Thots community.

By being a part of their 30,000 and growing Discord users community, Crypto Thots NFTs holders can flex the Bored Ape Yacht Club and enjoy any airdrops that BAYC is making. Holders get guaranteed access to constant giveaways – such as the 13ETH giveaway in Decentraland – and have access to exclusive content created by their OF models. 

Interactive Community AND Passive Income

To cater to their holders’ financial needs, Crypto Thots gives 20% of revenue back to each holder, plus 10% of revenue back to a charity cause chosen by their holders. By doing so, the project introduces the PPI (PASSIVE P.I.M.P) concept – which provides its holders with free money in no time.

To build on their passive income sources while growing their community stronger, too, the project enables holders to access networking opportunities for pimps. This is why, in the last stage of their roadmap, they’ll be organizing parties in the metaverse for pimps to show off their 3D thots.

You know, when we say metaverse, we say Decentraland. At this point, the Crypto Thots NFT holders will also have gained more information about the P.I.M.P coin — and how holders can use it to advance on the P.I.M.P path. They might even make the most out of it throughout the blockchain pimps parties in Decentraland. 

The Next-Gen Utility-Driven NFT project

Crypto Thots aims to bridge the gap between NFTs and online content providers, help you collect thots, build your harem, and become an NFT P.I.M.P. Not only will holders be part of a 30,000 and growing Discord users community, but they will also be making passive income in no time. By enabling holders to flex around both with their thots, as well as with their BAYC asset, Crypto Thots creates the perfect utility-driven NFT project for all. 

Ideally, NFT projects such as this one will help shift the perspective of those who still perceive traditional NFTs as being invaluable and, over time, lead to even more people investing in utility-driven NFTs. 

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