How to Register For Golden Inu’s Golden Inuverse

Golden Inuverse P2E Game character
Golden Inuverse P2E Game character

One of the most exciting web3 gaming projects of the year, Golden Inuverse is in its final steps before its official launch.

The game, an exciting RPG in Golden Inu’s ecosystem, will provide exciting gameplay for those interested in trying it out. In addition, players will be able to build different strategies and game plans in order to reap the most rewards, in the form of the $GOLDEN token.

As soon as players register, they can choose among several different characters that vary in stats and appearance. Players who favor strength builds will likely pick “Golden Zyzz” as their character.

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Inspired by the former internet sensation and bodybuilder, Golden Zyzz will undoubtedly be the character who packs the most punch out of all of the NFT playable characters. 

In addition to that, gamers will also be able to choose other types of builds like the Sebi Bloodline which will allow healing and regeneration build, in addition to the “Taino Golden Inus” which has strong aquatic attributes. 

As the game releases, players will have an even broader range of new characters to choose from. As the wait comes to an end, excitement is building among gaming enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike. The anticipation for Golden Inuverse’s official launch is palpable, and the community can’t wait to dive into this innovative Web3 gaming experience.

Registration Process for Golden Inuverse

To gain access to what Golden Inuverse has to offer, the community can explore its live beta version. To begin, players can register through the following link:

Steps to Register:

  • Access the Beta Version: Golden Inuverse provides a live test version for players to experience before the official launch. Do keep in mind that this version is only a small glimpse of the overall gameplay, only serving as a small test platform where players can check out how the characters will move and interact with NPCs and other players in the game.
  • Visit the Registration Link: To initiate the registration process, the official Golden Inuverse website offers the registration link
  • Prepare $GOLDEN Tokens: Prior to commencing gameplay, ensure that there is a minimum of ten dollars worth of $GOLDEN tokens in the connected wallet. These tokens are essential for active participation in the game.
  • Connect Your Wallet: As Golden Inuverse operates on blockchain technology, it is essential to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to your account. This connection facilitates transactions within the game and verifies your possession of the required $GOLDEN tokens.
  • Wallet Funding: In the event that you do not have the required ten dollars worth of $GOLDEN in your wallet, you will need to purchase the required amount of tokens.
  • Wait For The Launch: Once the registration process is successfully completed, your wallet is funded, all that is left is to wait for the official release of the game, expected to be in a couple of weeks.

Reasons Why Golden Inuverse Could be The Next Big Thing in Web3 Gaming

The upcoming role-playing game with turn-based combat is shaping up to become one of the most promising games to appear in the play-to-earn genre in a while. 

By offering the option to build and level different attributes and characters, Golden Inuverse will provide the best RPG experience for gamers seeking depth and strategy in their play. The combination of turn-based combat and a play-to-earn model adds an enticing layer of engagement and rewards, making it a standout contender in the Web3 gaming space.

Furthermore, Golden Inuverse players also have another big incentive: $GOLDEN rewards. 

The native currency of the game is about to go through a huge token-burning endeavor—meaning that early gamers will likely see a rise in the value of the token really soon.

Via the “Golden Treasury”, a smart contract that gathers 50% of the total dApp revenue from Golden Inu’s ecosystem in order to burn tokens, developers aim to create deflationary pressure on the $GOLDEN token, ultimately benefiting players who have been part of the early gaming community. 

This deflationary mechanism is designed to reduce the token supply over time, potentially leading to increased scarcity and value appreciation.

For early adopters and dedicated players, this presents a unique opportunity. The reduction in token supply, coupled with increased demand driven by the game’s popularity, can create a favorable environment for the $GOLDEN token to flourish. Those who have been actively participating in the Golden Inuverse will likely witness the value of their holdings rise, making their gaming experience not only enjoyable but also financially rewarding.

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