How to Promote a Crypto Project with KOL Marketing and Media Publications?

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Are you a founder wishing to spread the word about your project? KOL marketing and media publications are a great way to let the target audience learn about your business and get them involved in pre-sales and IDOs. The truth is, they can generate much more traffic to your app or site compared to other marketing techniques.

KOL Marketing

KOL marketing stands for “Key Opinion Leader,” meaning someone with deep expertise in the field can promote your product. KOLs are referred to as influencers by a wider public, but that’s not exactly the case – if a crypto project needs endorsement, someone who traders and analyzes crypto will be considered a KOL. The option will suit the projects who have done marketing research and know their audience.

Key opinion leaders with well-developed social media can influence the minds of their followers. Deep expertise allows them to build trust, meaning that the products they use can become the object of interest for their audience. Consequently, some KOL fans will try promoted products, leading to sales for the business. However, a person with no experience in communication with KOLs can get wrecked – simple text or script is not enough to attract customers. It must be written by a professional with a clear understanding of the topic and years of experience and include keywords, quotes, etc. For a great result, a communication agency in your niche is the way to go.

Media Publications

Media publications are another way to get your project noticed. A conventional approach is to generate a story worth mentioning and submit the request to the editors in the leading news sources in your country. The story gets published, and the business generates new sales leads.

However, the successful outcome depends on networking and expenditures – commercial news publishing became a separate industry with its own rules. If no contacts are available, the business turns to pricey PR agencies. In that environment, startups are often unable to utilize this option.

However, there is a more modern and cheaper way of getting published in the media – independent news websites that the audience trusts. MarketWatch,, and others have become news sources able to compete with major conventional channels. See for yourself – MarketWatch has around 99.95M unique visits, encompassing 5.66% of total US traffic.

However, to get published on sites like MarketWatch, a text copy must undergo strict vetting and be written according to the site’s rules. They accept articles from authenticated sources, which is a barrier to entry for any company. AtoZ communication agency can help you write and publish texts on independent news websites and lift any barriers on the way.

About AtoZ

AtoZ is a communication agency founded in 2017 with an aim to help crypto startups get noticed in the media through KOL marketing and media publication. AtoZ has helped thousands of crypto projects to get noticed through publications and bloggers.

The agency offers a handful of different text styles, such as articles, quotes, interviews, and press releases. It has a wide network of bloggers that are always ready to speak about your products and try them out.

“We offer an individual approach to every project we take on board. First, we need to understand the goals and then identify the channels that can be of benefit to the customer. We’ve been operating since 2017 and take pride in our work. After five years and thousands of endorsed crypto projects, we hold the expertise that very few come close to,” Maxim Gazeev, AtoZ co-founder

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