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Investing money is a method utilized to generate revenue streams over time,  Binance Smart Chain’s DeFi DAO Jointer, shows this can be done in a nearly passive manner after the initial contribution has been made surrounding the Game-Theoretic modeling. Investing in the Daily Auction to earn incentives and then farming the JNTR to stake at 52% APY can yield significant results. 

The Jointer DeFi Daily Auction

Investing in the native JNTR is a no-brainer. It has been introduced to the public months ago, and has not decreased in value ever since. In fact, the value has appreciated by 4,520.48% since the launch. That is a 45.20x return on the initial investment when the token was still priced at $0.01. This further validates how the decentralized mechanism in the deeply engineered JNTR smart contract is working as intended without skipping a beat. 

What makes the Jointer DeFi Daily Auction so appealing is how investors can obtain JNTR at a discount. Every auction, there is a discounted price to benefit from. If the Group Discount is achieved, users will receive tokens at 50% of their face value.  Furthermore, there is a bonus for leading the investment round, combined with daily investment limitations. As such, there is a clear incentive for investors to quickly buy out the entire day’s supply.

Partaking in the Daily Auction on Jointer requires investors to own a balance of JNTR. They can only invest as much as their current JNTR holdings represent.  

For example, if one owns 100 JNTR – obtained through the secondary markets – one can contribute 100 JNTR to the Daily Auction. This creates an ongoing incentive for new investors to buy the token on the secondary market. It also ensures there will always be liquidity through these markets.

As a rule of thumb, the more JNTR one obtains prior to investing, the more tokens can be contributed to every daily auction. Contributing bigger amounts results in obtaining more tokens at discounted prices. It is a solid mechanism to continuously create value every single day, attributing to the ongoing value appreciation of JNTR.

Staking Generates Passive Revenue

To ensure investors are not selling their newly obtained JNTR right away and collapse the price, several countermeasures have been put in place. Investors farming JNTR through staking receive their pro-rata share of 2% daily of all JNTR minted.

Jointer uses dozens of  smart contracts on top of basic protocols to present additional features to investors. These features include network staking, premium buy orders and investment power. All of this is combined with a gateway to the secondary market that locks all pre-minted JNTR, protecting investors for large holders dumping as the price appreciates.

For users who explore the staking option – currently averaging 52%, – it is important to note staked JNTR tokens can only be obtained by investing in the Auction. This means that you cannot bring the JNTR you buy on the secondary market at STEX and start to farm. . That being said, the APY of 52% is still worth investing directly into the Auction to obtain, especially since the JNTR price is engineered to constantly increase.

Even if one only partakes in the Daily Auction once, there is still good money to be made. 

Imagine there  is an investor buying 10,000 JNTR on the secondary market. They may or may not pay face value, as JNTR/b and JNTR/e tokens – which share the face value of JNTR through SmartSwap – may be priced lower on the secondary markets. If a lower price is paid, that investor is already in profit before even partaking in the Daily Auction. It can still be converted to 10,000 JNTR at all times. 

Staking these 10,000 JNTR for a full year will yield an extra 5,200 JNTR, bringing the total to 15,200 JNTR. 

Based on the price momentum, the token will likely be either valued the same as today, or higher. As such, the investor has made profit in at least two ways, and possibly even three ways: 

1) The investor bought JTNR from the Daily Auction at a discounted price

2) The investor staked tokens at 52% APY to increase their holdings while JNTR’s value may appreciate in the same time span

3) Their initial purchase of 10,000 JNTR may not have been at the current token’s face value if prices on the secondary market for either JNTR/b or JNTR/e were higher or lower

It is nearly impossible not to make money with Jointer, thanks to the Laws of Scarcity and solid smart contracts ensuring early investors cannot dump their tokens on the market to crash the price.

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