How To Make Money With Orion Protocol (ORN) In 2021

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Very few projects in the cryptocurrency space are as anticipated as Orion Protocol. As a liquidity aggregator service, the protocol also provides plenty of staking incentives. Even liquidity providers can get in on the action, giving them a chance to earn ORN tokens in the coming weeks. 

The ORN LP Incentive

Even though mainnet staking on Orion Protocol is not officially live yet, there is a way for users to earn tokens. Through the Staking page on the website, liquidity providers can compete for ORN tokens. Users need to provide liquidity for ORN-ETH on Uniswap. The LP tokens can then be ‘staked” on the Orion Protocol platform for bonus rewards. 

Currently, there is a reward of 28,000 ORN per week for LPs. Additionally, the bonus pool will provide a share of 30.000 ORN per month. The longer one provides liquidity and stakes, the more tokens one will earn. With just under $15.8 million in tokens submitted today, there is a genuine interest in this option. 

Staking Calculator Release

Another aspect of Orion Protocol to look into is the staking calculator. In the near future, the DeFi platform will aggregate liquidity from all DEXes and CEXes alike. The staking calculator depicts how much  ORN holders will earn based on the Protocol Daily Volume of Orion.  Although no one knows how much volume the Orion Terminal will generate, expectations are high.

Assuming the volume is half-decent, achieving an APY of up to 300% for ORN holders is possible. As the volume increases, the overall returns will grow exponentially. Being able to calculate potential returns is significant. Although some of the APY rates may seem unrealistic, it all comes down to one’s expectations. Orion Protocol can process $40 million in daily volume, or $10 billion. No one knows for sure what the future will hold. 

Compounding Rewards In ORN

Achieving rewards through the Orion Protocol can be done in different ways. One can opt for ORN rewards or USD rewards. The latter option will always be less profitable yet also incur less risk. If the ORN token price becomes increasingly volatile, it may deter some traders from exerting this option. 

For those who choose to receive rewards in ORN, dividends will compounded daily. This creates a cascading effect of earnings that will vastly outperform a flat USD structure. Enthusiasts may see a near 400% increase in APY by receiving rewards in ORN over USD. 

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