How to make money with 0 investments in Drunk Robots: an ultimate guide for beginners

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Blockchain itself entered the gaming industry back in 2014, but only with the advent of NFT did it become possible to create games in which users can be not just players, but also owners of gameplay elements – characters, items and locations. 

The basic mechanism behind most games is simple. You play and “evolve,” thereby increasing the value of your asset. In most NFT games you have to buy in-game tokens and you have to pay for most upgrades, but in some games you can start without investing – by subscribing to the game’s social networks, inviting a couple of friends and so on.

In fact, game tokens are an investment, and gamification simply adds excitement to the process of earning (although how much more). If the game is high-priced, the value of your asset goes up. 

Today we will tell you how to make money playing a game without initial investments.

Why Drunk Robots?

Drunk Robots is an action-packed NFT RPG powered by BNB Chain. This game is backed by powerful partnerships with leaders of the market such as: Infinity Force, Avocado DAO, Skill Guilds, Yield Guild Games SEA, Good Games Guild, Animoca Brands, Merit Circle, Polygon, Moonrock Capital and many others.

It is a trustworthy game with an impressive roadmap and growth plans. 

Drunk Robots is the dopest play-to-earn game which will bring you to the abandoned city of Los Machines where robots gather gangs, buy weapons and useful parts and search for extra booze. 

All the robots ever need now is $METAL — the local brew that gives them the energy they need to continue dishing out the punishment and keep their rattling party going on and on!

Apart from the exciting plot and charming atmosphere of junk city Drunk Robots gives you a chance to start earning money even without investments. How? Let’s see.

Free Mini Games

The easiest way to start making money is to join free mini games: Ninja and Knockout. 

The rules are simple – beat other players and their records, win the top positions in the Leaderboard and enjoy the glory and $METAL! Every Monday the top players are announced and granted $METAL, after that the leaderboard resets to zero. So everyone has a chance to get some money just by spending time in games and playing.

10 000 $METAL is being airdropped to everyone who scores 100+ points in both games.

All you need to start is a Metamask wallet and a connected BNB Chain. If you need help with that, follow the instructions.

PVP Arena

This option will require some extra investments, starting from 80$ – that is a current floor price for a common robot. To join the battlefield of PVP Arena you would need at least one robot.

You can get one on the secondary market or buy a box and try your luck in getting one of the rare, epic or legendary robots. If you bought a box you can open it here.

Once you got a robot you need to create your formation, which has 6 slots, one of those is free, other ones need to be purchased to unlock. The formation influences extra bonuses you receive and the overall rating. The rating is important for the divisions. Leaderboard is divided into the divisions – each of those defines the hash power of the formation in it.

Hash rate sets your farming speed, which determines how much $METAL you take from the current season’s pool. Right now the season pool is 1,000,000 $METAL. 

Drunk Races

This activity  requires at least one robot and one cart – once you got a robot, go to the homepage of drunk races and mint your cart. You can use a robot from PVP or buy one using options we described above.

Not surprisingly, the rules are very simple as everyone can join and start making money. Participate in races, win top-3 positions and get from 20 $METAL to 80 $METAL. The estimated ROI for the one common cart is 120 $METAL per day, which is 3 600 $METAL per month and 162 USD with a current exchange rate.

There are some restrictions which help to avoid the fraud:

  • Your carts have certain mileage limitations. When you exceed them you need to improve your cart with a special toolkit. It is necessary in two cases: if you run out of mileage or if you want to increase the rarity.
  • Rarity increases your chances to win but it is not a defining factor, anyone can win the race.
  • Each race consumes energy, so you have 10 races per day for one cart. 


This option is a regular staking for your robot NFT and so far you can’t earn $METAL in it.

Want to start playing Drunk Robots? Do it today and join the official communities, check the web-site of the project to get more information and ask questions, if any:






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