How To Go Up In A Falling Market? Ethereum And Unus Sed Leo Should Watch And Learn From Big Eyes


If you have invested in a crypto market, you must be aware that if it goes up at rapid speed, it comes down at double that speed. Cryptocurrency has seen many crashes, but the impact in June of 2022 remained the deadliest. Initially, experts estimated that the loss of the global market is only about 200 billion USD, and it might stop here. You won’t believe that cryptocurrency faced a loss of 2 trillion USD in that crash.

This crash made it very tough for the coins to survive, and only a few could perform well; Ethereum (ETH) and UNUS SED LEO are one of them. Both saw significant progress during that time and surprised the experts, but they didn’t know that another battle was waiting for them. Soon they met a new contender that is Big Eyes (BIG). Big Eyes (BIG) left many experts astonished with its incredible rise.

Big Eyes (BIG) The New Meme Coin

Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme coin launched this year on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as the Ethereum blockchain follows Proof of Stake technology, giving it a plus point to progress rapidly. Big Eyes (BIG) aims to make this world a better living place. That’s why it has many initiatives, such as empowering the community and saving oceans. Its features are as follows:

  • Big Eyes (BIG) has completed different phases of a successful Presale that gave it a profit of millions.
  • Big Eyes (BIG) came up with a comprehensive plan in its whitepaper, claiming many high-end goals and execution plans for these goals.
  • This meme coin comes with a cute mascot of a gazelle-eyed anime cat that makes it impossible to be ignored. Big Eyes (BIG) has announced competing for best meme coin competition.
  • A unique feature of Big Eyes (BIG) is its love for charity. It wants to save the oceans of this world as it produces many things for cats and us. That is why it has announced to donate 5% of its total token to the charity of oceans.
  • Big Eyes (BIG) has announced easy access to Metaverse. Metaverse is called the future of this globe, and so is Big Eyes (BIG).
  • Hypergrowth is also an impressive way of progress as it requires an incredible knowledge of the market for any team. Big Eyes (BIG) has promised to lock the liquidity for two years, ensuring its hyper-growth.

Ethereum (ETH) The Second Largest Crypto

Ethereum (ETH) has been the second boss of the crypto world for a long time. It faced a big raid in 2016 it still did not stop, and now it is ranked second just after Bitcoin BTC, with a market cap of approximately 160 billion USD. It followed Proof of Work consensus for a long time, but recently it switched to Proof of Stake technology. Its open-source blockchain offers many types of smart contracts and is home to many coins in this world. ETH platform is also known for its secure Wallets and transactions.


UNUS SED LEO, mostly known as LEO, is a native cryptocurrency of Bitfinex exchange. This exchange and many more projects like ETHfinex and Tether are ventures of iFinex. This exchange suffered a hard time due to hacks and lawsuits, yet it launched a successful coin in the shape of LEO. The use of LEO on its platform gives many discounts and rewards. Its market cap is around 4 billion USD, and it is currently ranked 19th best.


Ethereum (ETH) hosts multiple coins on its robust blockchain setup, which means many coins depend on it. So far, it has been delivering like a Pro. On the other hand, UNUS SED LEO is also famous for its consistent run during the market crash of June 2022. Both are great but not a competition to pro-runner Big Eyes (BIG). This cat is so strong in its plans and technology that going on top looks pretty easy.

You can find all the information about Big Eyes (BIG) through the following links:





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