How to get into NFT art with Liquidifty


The team at Liquidifty provides comprehensive support for non-fungible token (NFT) projects. This support begins with technical assistance and continues with a project review, recommendations, sales boost, public relations and marketing assistance. This support also includes collaboration with other partners for increased marketing exposure, additional promotion from influencers and paid socials, and activities to increase engagement with the project.

When it comes to digital creators, Liquidifty routinely demonstrates its support for artists by publicizing the digital creations of those artists on the official social media platforms run by the company. The creators and the products they produce benefit from increased visibility as a direct result of this. 

How to get into NFT market?

Liquidifty is a platform that will offer all NFT owners access to more use cases and bring increased liquidity to the market for NFTs. The platform will give NFT collectors access to a variety of different tools. Every user will have access to a variety of features, including the ability to trade tokens on a user-friendly cross-chain marketplace, use cross-chain NFT oracles, take out loans using NFTs as collateral, profit with NFT vaults, and join multi-ownership features.

With the integration of Flow, Binance Chain, Polkadot, and Ethereum, the goal of Liquidifty is to create the most user-friendly and accessible cross-chain NFT marketplace possible for everyone.

Liquidifty is highly well-known for its NFT artists and collectors supporting and accelerating programs, and it has already established its NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. The goal of Liquidifty is to facilitate connections between collectors and artists in such a way that both parties can benefit.

Cryptopunk, Bored Apes, as well as pieces by FVCKRENDER, XCOPY, and other well-known NFT artists, were among the prizes that were awarded to collectors at the most recent Liquidifty events and contests. On the flip hand, the NFT Artists achieved great trading volumes and received a promotion bump.

The team behind Liquidifty is continually developing new markets and opportunities in order to build a robust ecosystem around the App and the $LQT token as the company continues its rapid expansion. 

How to get started with NFT on Liqudifty?

Different tools, including Liquidifty’s own, will be made available to NFT collectors. Every user will have access to a variety of features, including the ability to employ NFT cross-chain oracles, obtain loans based on NFT collateral, profit with NFT vaults, and more.

You can acquire funds by putting up your NFT as collateral. After the estimation of the price of NFT has been made by our reliable oracles, you will be able to borrow ETH from other people. You may also earn money by lending money to other users of the platform.

It’s possible that certain NFTs will set you back a lot of money, but in the long run, they could bring you more money. Work together with other customers to divide the cost of the transaction. You will be required to split any earnings made with the other co-owner of the NFT that you bought, but in exchange, you will receive a multi-sign address.

You will also be able to sell and buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from any blockchain using Liquidifty. NFTs that are created on Ethereum, BSC, and Flow are in our plans for future implementation. The goal of NFT vaults is to automate the successful trading of NFTs on various markets and exchanges so that our users can reap the benefits of this development. 

The growth of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets has resulted in the emergence of familiar problems, such as an excess of supply and a lack of liquidity. Because of this problem, there is a possibility that there will be a crisis in the process of establishing and improving projects that are valued in the bitcoin market.

In the modern day, each day sees the creation of a large number of NFTs and P2E initiatives that have huge value but limited prospects. Every day, dozens of bright and creative individuals come up with new NFTs, yet a sector of the economy that is experiencing explosive growth swiftly consumes them all.

In the NFT arena, just like in Hollywood, thousands of hopefuls compete against one another for a single job. The non-fungible token (NFT) market is plagued with various problems, including these, which prompted the founding of Liquidifty.

How to get NFT tokens by LQT?

Liquidifty is a decentralized network finance trading platform (NFT marketplace) because of the BNB Chain. The major objective of the initiative is to solve the liquidity problems that are plaguing the NFT market. The liquidity issue has been resolved for NFT projects as a direct result of the work put forward by the Liquidifty team. 

With the help of this project, investors who are searching for rapid returns will have a way to interact with businesses that are developing cutting-edge new technologies. Each month, more than sixty new consumers sign up for the Liquidifty platform, and the overall trading volume has surpassed $12 million. On the Liquidifty platform, one-of-a-kind non-fungible tokens have been produced as a result of the platform’s customizability and advertising capabilities.

The $LQT token was developed with the intention of serving as the primary utility token for the Liquidifty ecosystem. It will be put to use for farming, the payment of fees within the network, and also as a reward mechanism for users. The currency will be generated through the use of the Binance Smart Chain, and the total supply of $LQT tokens will be capped at 50 million. 

One of the capabilities of the $LQT will be that it can be used to purchase NFTs, in addition to obtaining discounts and unique drops, and it will also have this capability. The team’s goal is to continually enhance the deflationary techniques that may be used with the token, as well as to encourage users to hold on to their $LQT tokens and burn them. In the not too distant future, the token will also be implemented as a payment currency inside the ecosystem, and in the near future, holders of $LQT tokens will be eligible to earn discounts on the purchase of NFTs if they choose to do so.

In addition, a selection of unique drops will be made available to only owners of $LQT tokens, and governance functions will also be given in conjunction with this offering. Holders of $LQT tokens will have the ability to submit and vote on proposals regarding trading fees on the Liquidifty platform, the addition of new features to be developed or implemented by the team, and the use of $LQT token to further decentralize the governance and development of the platform. Holders of $LQT tokens will be able to submit and vote on proposals regarding how to get into NFT trading fees on the Liquidifty platform, the addition of new features to be developed or implemented by the team.

Token holders of the $LQT cryptocurrency will be invited to participate in the community-based moderation of Liquidifty’s platform and will assist in the curation of content that will be sold on the platform. The community can vote on which piece of artwork should be featured as its weekly pick, providing the artist with an additional boost in the amount of exposure that they require.

Benefits of Liquidifty Marketplace

Liquidifty is a next-generation NFT marketplace that gives NFT collectors access to a variety of various tools. Users have the ability to improve their possibilities with NFT by utilizing various tools, such as a cross-chain oracle, by taking out loans secured by NFT collateral, and by earning with NFT vaults. 

The theory behind non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is that they are intrinsically distinct since they are constructed on several blockchains and represent a variety of business sectors. The goal of Liquidifty is to spread knowledge about how to get and NFT and bring them together in the fundamental aspects that they share in common because of their value.

The media capabilities offered by the Liquidifty marketplace is extensive and extremely beneficial, and it enables projects to work together and interact with other well-known and previously successful projects in order to significantly increase their audience.  

Liquidifty also provides its customers with access to services that let them build and personalize their own online stores, which they can then use to promote their own projects or brands. Additionally, the platform team offers around-the-clock technical assistance to the project team in order to assist them in launching the shop in a timely and effective manner. Traditional approaches to project marketing in the cryptocurrency industry will be expanded upon by the marketers of Liquidifty in order to attract new investors.

One of the things that makes this marketplace stand out from others is the Launchpad system. Investors have the option of purchasing one of three different types of passes: liquid, gas, or solid. These passes allow investors to participate in all activities that take place on the platform. The primary advantage of investing in such a pass is access to a discount on purchases of NFT tokens made during sales. The opportunity to earn additional money is the second benefit of purchasing a Liquidifty pass. 

During the IDO P2E game “Drunk Robots,” the maximum allotment was capped; however, it was raised for Liquidifty pass holders, which allowed users to earn more on IDO. The IDO card game “Drunk Robots” did, in fact, reach its maximum capacity. Contests and giveaways are held among Liquidifty pass holders as part of the Liquidifty project, which gives pass holders advanced notice of uncommon events.

In the not too distant future, Liquidifty will function as a cross-chain platform that allows anyone to produce NFTs. As part of the project, the very first INO based on a polygon will be carried out. Proven and lucrative events make it possible for the platform to grow its clientele while simultaneously increasing the amount of liquidity available on all NFT markets via the BNB Chain, the Polygon Network.

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