How to get a free euro debit card

MasterCard Revolut Debit Card

Getting a free debit card has become essential and relevant for every modern European resident. However, many users of modern banks face difficulties in the form of a large number of necessary documents to open at least even a virtual debit card bank account.

Blackcatcard offers a universal solution to this problem. To open an account, you just need to download the application to your mobile phone or use the web version of the application. Residents of the EEA and Switzerland can order an online prepaid debit card and get it right at home. Residents of other countries can open a virtual account and use it as a full-fledged bank account. In addition, if necessary, cardholders can also order a duplicate plastic card online without the need to visit the bank’s offices or have lengthy bureaucratic procedures.

The registration procedure is very simple. All you need to do is download the application to your smartphone, fill in several fields in the questionnaire, provide passport photos and take selfies. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, and in return, you get a full-fledged banking service in your pocket with an IBAN score and SEPA transfers. And as a bonus – a built-in crypto wallet with the ability to buy, store, send and sell three types of cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH and USDT in two blockchains (ERC20 and TRC20).

As a new service, one might expect a lack of security, but on the contrary, Blackcatcard has already achieved the highest level of banking security, is GDPR compliant, licensed by the MFSA and adheres to all applicable EU regulations. Servicing the card is completely free, and the ability to add any name or nickname to the card will make it even more unique. Blackcatcard offers a number of bonuses for its cardholders and account holders, such as cashback of up to 5% or 2.2% annual income on the account balance, which makes this card not only free but also very profitable.

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