How to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

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The crypto area is really tempting for anybody who wants to increase their income and, therefore, their financial lifestyle. 

But not everybody has time to trade cryptocurrencies daily. However, there are still a lot of methods to earn passive income based on blockchain technologies. 

Curious what are the best ones? Then further read the article.

       1. Get DEFC

The most recent and profitable way to earn passive income is to take advantage of DeFi Coins’ dividend program. On this platform, you will get rewards based on how much of the total supply you own. 

The process looks like this:

Imagine that you own 1% of the total supply. Every time a user trades DEFC, 5% of the exchange tax will be divided to all the DEFC holders. You will then receive 1% of this portion of the tax, right in your pocket – for every user.

       2. Try your luck

Crypto gambling platforms are known for their special welcome bonuses, which give users a great start – with hundreds of free tries and up to 10 BTCs. 

However, don’t jump to conclusions. You can’t just sign in, get the bonus and make a paradise out of your life. The bonuses need to be gambled for a couple of times before you could make a withdrawal. 

But that’s great news since you have the chance to get more than double the amount of the bonus. So why settle for less?

       3. Hunt Airdrops

This is maybe the simplest way to earn some additional income. Just use your phone like always, for social media or apps. If you are lucky, you can find crypto projects that actually reward their followers with currencies. 

       4. Watch videos

Exactly like those who appear on mobile games or on our favorite YouTube channels. While we found them annoying, these types of sponsored content will conclude in real assets. Plus, none of these videos lasts more than 10 seconds. 

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