How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet

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    If you are a beginner crypto investor who is trying to make your very first purchase of Bitcoin, you will need to set up a BTC wallet to secure your soon-to-be-acquired and valuable digital currency. Having sound knowledge of Bitcoin wallets is a crucial step toward a crypto nerd.

    Since you want to invest your hard-earned income in bitcoins, it helps to choose the right wallet to store your crypto safely. The thing to understand is that there are several kinds of wallets to choose from, with the YouHODLer wallet being one of the most secure BTC wallets for beginners and experts in crypto alike.

    Always take your time to review different types of wallets before you make your final decision. Doing background checks on your wallet provider choice is vitally important because the crypto market changes over time, which means having the latest Bitcoin wallet can make a huge difference to your security.

    Here is how to choose a Bitcoin wallet and take the storage of your BTC to another level.

    YouHODLer Crypto and Bitcoin Wallet

    If you are looking for the most advanced Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet in the market right now, consider using YouHodler as it allows you to HODL more crypto, earn, and multiply your assets with ease all in one platform. What’s more, crypto interest accounts that have been integrated with the YouHodler multi-coin wallet can earn interest up to 12% APY.

    Here is why you should use YouHODLer, one of the leading BTC wallets at the moment:

    • It has a user-friendly design with an advanced functionality

    Youhodler bitcoin wallet is unique — it is built to simplify storing your Bitcoin and managing your tokens. HODL as much as you want, gain massive interest, and multiply the wealth of your digital currencies in one place. Designed beautifully and smartly, a YouHodler crypto wallet runs well on iOS, Android, and desktops.

    • Store a vast number of coins

    Create a BTC account with your wallet along with extra dedicated multiple coin wallets for over 14 other popular currencies such as ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, XLM, XMR, and DOGE among others.

    Top 3 factors to consider when choosing a Bitcoin wallet

    • Security

    For web-based wallets, you need to check whether the website has SSL encryption (look for https rather than the insecure http in the address bar).  An ideal wallet should also offer you secure login and multiple-factor authentication.

    • User Experience

    A good Bitcoin wallet should be relatively easy to use and offer an amazing user experience. First, understand how you intend to use Bitcoin, and choose a wallet that fits your crypto lifestyle. For example, you may find a wallet that is specially built for mobile devices to be very convenient for your day-to-day transactions.

    Advanced users can also invest in hardware wallet devices to store their assets offline.

    • Back-up

    Back-up is a great feature to consider when choosing a Bitcoin wallet. Find out whether the wallet provider offers a way to back up your Bitcoin wallet. Is the recovery process easy to access? And is the backup file encrypted?

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