How To Buy BTC With Zero Fee

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Bitcoin is gradually disrupting the existing financial ecosystems although its effect is yet to be felt on a macro level. The Satoshi coin which is now over a decade old has been making headlines in recent months following the COVID-19 pandemic which saw a shift towards digital ecosystems. Currently, the price of one BTC is $11,778 according to metrics from CoinGecko; it continues to dominate the $375 billion crypto market at a 57.8% dominance. With market sentiments betting on stronger bulls, some BTC enthusiasts are optimistic that it will hit its 2017 ATH again in the near future!

Following these good prospects, crypto market activity has generally picked up; compensating for the long winter in 2018 and 2019. The wind is now blowing towards institutional investors as well who are staking higher than the existing Bitcoin retail market. Just the other day, MicroStrategy, a Nasdaq listed Business Intelligence firm, allocated $250 million worth of their balance sheet to Bitcoin. The move has since revealed that big financial players might actually be considering getting in on the crypto market and strike while hot. According to MicroStrategy CEO, Michael J Saylor, Bitcoin proposes a greater long-term value than holding fiat reserves,

 “This investment reflects our belief that bitcoin, as the world’s most widely adopted cryptocurrency, is a dependable store of value and an attractive investment asset with more long-term appreciation potential than holding cash,”

P2P Bitcoin Trading On-Ramps With Zero Fee

As positive sentiments continue to build towards Bitcoin, more prospects are interested in the market than ever before. The process of acquiring BTC has, however, been quite a challenge given most of the world’s population find its intricacies rather too difficult. It is this mentality and approach that has stalled the micro adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment let alone a speculative asset. Well, this should be no longer a worry going forward; stakeholders in the crypto community have come up with seamless P2P ecosystems where interested parties can trade Bitcoin at the comfort of their devices.

Some like Bitcoin Global have even gone an extra mile to feature incentives such as a zero fee on all transactions for users joining their platform in the month of August, 2020. This P2P Bitcoin trading platform is one of the on-ramp avenues where prospective Bitcoin buyers can make a debut in the crypto ecosystem and take advantage of the opportunities to make short-term and long-term profits. At zero cost, Bitcoin Global users are able to buy Bitcoin against a range of fiat currencies which include the USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, INR and CHF amongst others.

Notably, Bitcoin Global covers over 160 countries which means that a good part of the world’s population can actually access its P2P market. One can start buying Bitcoins from this market as soon as they have registered a free account on the platform and initiate a trade by replying to someone else’s offer. Bitcoin Global is not involved in such a transaction but only acts as the 3rd party which oversees that both the buyer and seller transfer the agreed amount of fiat and crypto to each other, respectively. In a recent highlight, Bitcoin Global introduced customizable Bitcoin pricing equations, making BTC trading more convenient.


Bitcoin might actually be here to stay, having proved critics wrong for the past decade and making progress as an alternative to fiat currencies. This digital currency could therefore play a fundamental role in the future of money; probably the latest evolution since the gold standard was abolished in favor of the USD as a base currency. That said, its long-term value as per the current underlying, proposes quite a deal for anyone who cares to be part of the future while being exposed to the possibility of making short-term gains.

However, prospective BTC buyers can only capitalize on its value proposition by entering the market through the most cost-efficient ways. As highlighted, P2P Bitcoin trading ecosystems and crypto exchanges are some of these avenues and could actually serve the purpose should one pick a favorable ecosystem to buy Bitcoin. Going forward, the decision on which ecosystem to use when buying Bitcoin could put one ahead of the pack.

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