How to become millionaire in one year with cryptos?

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What if I only have 100 bucks to invest?

The strategy that makes the answer yes to this question is to invest in the right coin and not a token.

Eleven years ago none would have ever believed that buying BTC would make them rich but time proofed otherwise.

Who bought BTC at the right time made tons of money

To this purpose and to give a second chance to those who didn’t have it, a team created a coin named BTO – BITOCOIN that is challenging BTC in the most exciting challenge of the century that is reach 1:1 ratio with it.

Now you may say what’s this strategy then?

At the current price BTO costs around 0.0001 USDT, this to make it affordable to everyone even cheaper than mining it even if it is minable.

This meaning that buying 100$ of BTO coins will result in having 1 million in BTO coins.

Now price predictions for the end of 2021 is from 2 to 5 $ per coin, this meaning that with only an investment of 100$ even if BTO reaches only 1$ in worth you will be one of the millionaires.

Year 2022

The people will sell most of the money earned by investing in BTO, price will dump a bit for this.

In the meantime BTO will be exchanged in many other exchanges and will keep again rising price till more than 10$ per coin by the end of second year.

Year 2033

Those who invested and hold for such a long time will see the challenge won and won’t be able to quit their 9 to 5 job and retire happily.

Do you think this isn’t possible?

Stay aside and look your second chance fly away once more.

BTO is currently available on DEX-TRADE and on VINDAX exchanges and soon will move forward to other top rated exchanges.

Choice is yours.


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