How the BitMEX Email Leak can Affect Users’ Other Accounts


The big news this week is how the BitMEX platform leaked thousands of customers’ email addresses. When this list got published, criminals immediately tried taking advantage. Users who have the same email and password combination for different exchanges may want to change their information fairly soon.

A lot of people are taken aback by the BitMEX leak. Exposing thousands of customers’ email addresses is not acceptable. Particularly the way through which this happened rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

Be Wary of the BitMEX Email Leak

Incidents like these can happen. No one is perfect, and human error will always exist. Unfortunately for affected users, there are other potential consequences associated with this email leak. A lot of people use the same email for other cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms.

On Reddit, one user claims the BitMEX leak affected him personally. He received an email regarding someone logging into their Bitfinex account. While it is logical to blame this on BitMEX, that is only part of the story.

The email leak exposed the email address. However, the criminals also managed to guess this person’s password. 

The user admits on Reddit that it is a common password and two-factor authentication is not enabled on this account. 

This serves as a strong warning to all cryptocurrency users. Reusing an email address is never a smart idea. Using the same password on multiple trading platforms is asking for trouble. Not enabling two-factor authentication is never an option.

The role of BitMEX in this incident cannot be ignored either. Due to them leaking emails, criminals could cross-reference the information with other databases potentially containing email and password combinations. 

With that information, they can take over accounts associated with other services. It is still up to individual users to set up proper security measures, however.

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