How Sustainability And Earth Preservation Became The Flagman Of The Current Crypto Game: Meet Big Eyes Coin and Solana Blockchain


It’s hard to imagine, but twenty years ago, everyone thought that global warming was just another hoax created by the democrats to maintain their power position in Congress.

Fast forward more than twenty years, and no one doubts that the threat is real and nature is indeed in danger due to the growing carbon emission rates.

This realization subsequently led to the new know-how, a practice applied in business, where companies are not only concerned about their carbon footprint but also actively try to protect the environment with tools available at their disposal.

In today’s editorial, I would like to consider two companies, Big Eyes Coin and Solana, to see how they contribute to preserving our planet while delivering cutting-edge technology products. Let’s dive in.

Big Eyes: Protecting Marine Life With Top-Tier NFTs

This project’s unique marketing strategy to form a loyal community of like-minded individuals makes Big Eyes Coin stand out. Unlike its competition, which is mainly preoccupied with making profits, this cute little anime-inspired cat preaches about saving the environment. According to the project’s white paper, part of its grander objective is preserving marine life, where its loyal fan base plays the most pivotal role.

To ensure a continuous flow of capital that can be dedicated to protecting our precious oceans, Big Eyes Coin developed a framework where with each subsequent sale of the project’s NFTs, 1% will always go to a charity wallet. In doing so, the community is not left behind, as each sale will generate 4% income to the original NFT holder, and 5% will be allocated to the HODLers of the platform’s native token BIG.

On top of that, the project has just wrapped up its second presale stage, smashing its competition with $3.2 million in the bank! Be sure to check this project out, as it currently entered the final presale round, and this might be your last chance to purchase the token BIG at the discount price.

Solana: When Sustainability Is Life

Since 2021, Solana’s blockchain has achieved absolute carbon neutrality as part of the initiative to minimize Solana’s already-low environmental impact. Just to put some statistics into perspective to exemplify how green the Solana blockchain is, a single Google search reportedly consumes more energy than one transaction on the Solana network! However, it is not only about its sustainability direction but also the spread of services and features this unique blockchain offers.

In terms of its core functionality, it is in no way inferior to the likes of Ethereum and Cardano, where the former is the world-leading blockchain for building decentralized applications and NFTs. Interestingly enough, recently, Ethereum moved from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake to become a greener network like Solana. At the time of writing, more and more crypto games adopted the Solana blockchain, with Star Atlas being the latest addition to the Solana family, which is set to become the first *AAA blockchain game. All in all, the future of Solana blockchain looks brighter than ever, thanks to its environmentally-friendly approach.

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