How Stablecoins Like Tether Are Providing Refuge In The Bear Market: How Big Eyes Coin Is Using This To Its Advantage


In light of the bear market that has engulfed the cryptocurrency markets in the past months, many investors have turned to stablecoins as a means to preserve their investments whilst keeping their money within the crypto landscape. Tether tokens, under the ticker $USDT, are the most widely adopted stablecoin, and this article will look at why this is, and what it offers.

Alternatively, investors are also turning to the Big Eyes Coin project, with its native token $BIG, as a means to pump money into a promising coin that is going from strength to strength in its presale stages.

Stablecoin Tether Is A Vital Part Of The Crypto Landscape For 2023

Launched in 2014, Tether, more commonly known by its ticker symbol $USDT, has pioneered the stablecoin and underlined its importance within cryptocurrency trading. Within the volatility of the current cryptocurrency market, USDT offers the relative stability and simplicity of fiat currencies, paired with the power and opportunities of blockchain technology, combining the best of both worlds. It has widespread adoption across the crypto landscape. Mant stablecoins are backed by fiat currencies, and USDT is too. Not only this, but USDT is, at the time of writing, one of the highest cryptocurrencies, only behind Ethereum and Bitcoin.

USDT can be traded for over 4000 other currencies on centralized exchanges and even more on decentralized exchanges, which often have barriers to using fiat currencies. There is a problem, however, in the heavy prevalence of stablecoins like USDT. If there were to become problems with the use or application of USDT, then it cause a chain reaction that would devalue USDT’s utility, which could potentially damage the value and put too much stress on its reserves.

Big Eyes Coin Is Massively Benefiting From The Strength And Safety Of Stablecoins

The Big Eyes Coin project, under the ticker $BIG, is a new meme coin that has gone from strength to strength in recent months. It has raised over 12.5 million US dollars in its presale stages, which is a remarkably strong showing during a bear market. Big Eyes Coin is actively looking to grow its already large user base and new presale purchasers can use USDT to buy BIG tokens in its presale. When doing so, use the exclusive code BIGsave065 when purchasing in this stage of the presale via the button below, for BIG discounts and bonuses!

Whereas stablecoins mimic fiat currencies in their stability, they also mimic fiat currencies in their lack of utilities. This is where Big Eyes Coin distinguishes itself, by offering varied utilities and varied offerings. Their launch to Uniswap will be highly anticipated and undoubtedly lift the value of each $BIG token. Big Eyes will also be launching an exclusive NFT club, called the Sushi Crew, which will allow for the buying, selling, and trading of Big Eyes NFTs, mixing the cuteness of the meme Big Eyes along with the fun and excitement of NFT ownership.

Not only this, but Big Eyes also has strong charitable intentions. A dedicated wallet will store 5% of all Big Eyes tokens, ready to be donated to deserving charitable foundations, including those aiming to preserve and protect our planet’s oceans and marine life. Along with its pushing of DeFi, Big Eyes Coin offers a lot in a variety of ways and could offer more returns than simply storing wealth in stablecoins.

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