How Safe Are Your Emails?

how safe are your emails?

Everyone is intimately familiar with the daily influx of junk or spam email, but did you know that these emails make up 85% of all emails received? Some of these emails are just irritating, but some of them are actually attacks that could lead to surprisingly dangerous hacks to much larger systems than our personal inboxes. 

While there are a massive 14.5 million spam emails sent every day, these messages are just irrelevant or inappropriate. The real concern comes from the 3 billion, or more, phishing emails sent every day. Phishing emails are sent with the purpose of stealing personal information, and it’s become a big business in its own right.

The bigger issue is that phishing is often the first step in a much more sophisticated attack, and many of these attacks go unnoticed. Over half of all phishing emails contain some kind of malware, such as the ransomware attacks that led to the lockdown of the Colonial Pipeline. 

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Learning to keep employee emails and information safe is paramount to the safety and success of any business.

How Safe Are Your Emails? [infographic]
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