How Klaytn Are Reforming The Crypto Universe And How Other Platforms Compare, With Big Eyes

Within the world of cryptocurrencies and online platforms, there are many which are rejuvenating the platforms and inviting new audiences to invest in crypto.

Many of these allow community members to access their fun sides, while still investing and developing their understanding of crypto.

With Klaytn skyrocketing in popularity and climbing up the coin market, this accentuates the idealism around crypto platforms which are play-to-earn or have more elements for members to enjoy; ones are not just restricted to trading and basic transactions.

When it comes to looking deeper at the successes of these platforms, how are they managing to sustain and grow in success, and how can other platforms learn from them?

Let’s dive into the fantastical features of these platforms and see what their incline of success is down to.

The Impressive Success Rate Of Klaytn

The Klaytn platform is a real sight for sore eyes. It aims to simplify the building of the metaverse and creator economy. It officially launched in 2019 and is the leading blockchain platform in the whole of South Korea.

The platform offers an end-to-end metaverse package which includes customised features for the community. It wants the concept and structure of the blockchain to be completely simple and let creators explore and flourish in a new and dynamic digital future.

Without the ownership being granted to any kind of central authority, it grants the community well-deserved possession of how the platform is run and their own finances and digital goods and services.

People are giving the chance to express their ideas without any sort of restriction or rules. This space is an excellent and innovative online platform and is built to be a fundamental starting point to enter the metaverse. It will also eventually evolve into a DAO and be a platform for DAOs to communicate and lead the way for future generations and direct the aspirations in the right direction.

How great does that sound?

The progression and clear success of Klaytn is shaping the way of the crypto world as we know it. But when comparing it to other platforms like Big Eyes Coin, how does it match up?

And more importantly, who even are Big Eyes and what are its objectives now and for the future?

The Booming Big Eyes Coin

The community-led meme token is a platform to keep your eyes peeled for. Only being in presale, the coin has earned just under an impressive $10 million and has almost 60,000 followers on social medias such as Twitter.

Big Eyes Coin has a clear objective with many different fun and feline friendly features. From hosting a space for a community of cat lovers, to holding a wallet where 5% of tokens will be located and distributed to different charities whose objectives are to save the oceans every month.

They even have plans for a progressive and very exciting NFTs club, designed for people to invest and share in cute and fun tokens, art and other digital goods.

Without any taxes, fees and no worries, Big Eyes Coin is growing in a very impressive way and heading in the right direction. The beauty of an aesthetically pleasing token also invites those who are fans of their feline friends to invest and learn more about cryptocurrencies, and that they do not have to be as scary as they seem.

They are really playing their part in growing and reforming the crypto universe.

Final Thoughts…

Many platforms are doing their part to reform the world of crypto, whatever form or features they may uphold. Stay tuned with these platforms for some fun and very exciting developments.

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