How Globally United is Creating an Authentic Image of the World Through Peace and Unity


Today, the world is torn apart by differences in race, nationality, and religious beliefs. These factors have led to a rise in all sorts of hate crimes.

Social media in particular has done an amazing job of connecting people from all around the globe. It has made it easier for people to share information and learn about different cultures.

However, social media also breeds a disconnect in terms of culture. People can easily ridicule, condemn and put down others without understanding their backgrounds or cultures.

As a result, the gap between myth and reality in the belief systems of the people of the world is widening.

This is where Globally United comes in.

Globally United is working to create a more accurate and authentic image of the world through the use of a Web3 social media experience built around the concept of a collaborative economy. Global United will bridge the social, cultural and economical gap between humans, beyond their geopolitical borders.

Creating World Peace With Globally United

Imagine a social media platform that allows users to not only share experiences but also reward active adventurers for traveling and exploring the world as well as locals for promoting their cultures. This is the vision of Globally United, an organization that wants to create global peace and unity by bringing people together through the power of social media on the blockchain.

The project comes with a native token called Globally United (GU) coin that is designed to reward platform users. Through the GU coin, a new framework for modern-day capitalism will emerge where people will be able to gain access to a fairer wealth distribution system that can reward any user of the platform through GU’s Post-to-Earn protocol.

Globally United builds its agenda of uniting the world and creating global peace through a collaborative economy that will enable people to connect and work together no matter where they come from. This is facilitated by the use of blockchain technology, which creates a trustless and transparent environment for users to interact with each other.

Understanding and respecting others

Peace throughout the world begins with each individual. For Globally United to achieve its goal, it is essential that everyone understands and respects the cultures of others.

This is why education is a key pillar of Globally United’s mission. The platform will provide users with the opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions of different cultures through first-hand experiences using NFTs and other interesting features like the Experience Marketplace.

Adventurous users will be able to use the platform to turn their real-world experiences into digital assets that can be shared with the community and earn the creators income. These digital assets will act as a passport of sorts, allowing others to virtually travel to different locations and learn about the cultures firsthand.

Given that Globally United has a firm grasp on all these aspects, users of the platform will have a more robust functionality on the Globally United social media experience that goes beyond the traditional Web 2.0 experience. What’s more, Globally United never initially included web3, however, given the vast benefits of decentralization, a web3 move proves to be the best path towards building a user-centric ecosystem. Web3 simply adds a beautiful layer that includes all the best pasts of web2 as well.

Censorship Resistant Social Media

Also, through the use of a decentralized social media platform on the blockchain, Globally United will curate a censorship-free environment where people can share their experiences without the fear of having their content removed.

The Globally United social media experience will have several components:

An interactive and engaging interface that allows users to explore different cultures and learn about them firsthand, The Social Media Content Platform on Globally United will have dedicated communities, interest-oriented social feeds as well as a video-only social feed. There will also be the GU Coin that will be used for swapping, earning dividends and voting in the platform’s DAO. Other special features include a travel documentation vault, an experiences market where users can make supplier booking, and a peer-to-peer exchange.

The entire ecosystem will be tied together with a post-to-earn system that rewards users for sharing their experiences.


The idea of creating world peace through the power of social media is a bold one. It goes beyond creating a platform for people to share their experiences; it also aims to educate and bring people together through the use of blockchain technology.

Globally United has the potential to create a more authentic and decentralized social media experience that will reward users for their contributions.

Through Globally United’s mission statement on unity, a decentralized and robust framework for a collaborative economy will emerge, giving power back to the people.

The Globally United project has a long road ahead, but with a solid team and an ambitious vision, it just might be able to achieve its goal of uniting the world and creating global peace. Already, the travel industry is estimated to be worth $8.3 trillion, and with the rise of blockchain technology, the growth potential is limitless.

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