How GGDApp Gaming Pools will benefit Investors and Developers


GGDApp is an innovative crypto gaming and DeFi ecosystem deployed on Polygon. The platform tactically recognizes the benefits of the blockchain and its role in gaming. However, to stay ahead of the competition, they emphasize the need for simplicity and a symbiotic portal for its stakeholders of gamers, liquidity providers, developers, and investors.

The Blockchain is both hot and cold, especially in Game Adoption

The decentralization of blockchain nodes coupled with its censorship-resistant operations translates to a robust system that’s transparent and yet privacy-preserving. The integration of this technology in gaming has satisfactorily demonstrated how immensely beneficial it can be for gamers. It is also timely. 

Centralized gaming portals have for years tipped the table in their favor. On the other hand, the blockchain is the equalizer that not only shines the light on opaque operations but places gamers and developers at the fore. 

While offering various advantages, distributed ledger technologies are still new for most. They are relatively complex to use, provide little value for mass markets, and aren’t favorable for indie developers with a tight budget.

GGDApp is an Ecosystem integrating the best of Blockchain Innovations

GGDApp is rolling out a balanced solution for its ecosystem to address these concerns by ingeniously tapping the benefits of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. GGDApp has its native currency, GGTK, serving various utilitarian and governance roles. It distributes rewards to gamers and is central in its DeFi incentivization structure. 

The launch of GGDApp’s Open Beta on Polygon in December 2021 amplified the role of GGTK. The Open Beta adopts a similar model as Bitcoin, with 21 million GGTK available. Users can stake a maximum of 50k GGTK, up from 5k GGTK. Every 10 minutes, 50 GGTK is distributed. Also, after every four years, GGTK rewards are halved, like in Bitcoin.

The 10 GGTK will be distributed to the General Pool and the rest, 40 GGTK, to the gaming pools of individual gaming projects on GGDApp. The existing general pool for staking will receive 10 GGTK every 10 minutes. 

GGDApp Gaming Pool is a Golden Chance for Investors and Game Developers

The first gaming pool for the Simracer coin project will launch at a tentative time in Q1 2022. By design, Game pools will offer various advantages for investors and game developers. While staking in the General Pool rewards stakers with GGTK, the GGDApp community will have a chance to expose themselves to a gaming project’s native token at early stages. These tokens could, with adoption and virality, turn out as gems with high ROIs. 

At the same time, they could stake GGTK to a gaming pool, supporting the project, in turn receiving the project’s native token. Through GGDApp gaming pools, developers would have a solid revenue stream. Notably, they will be at liberty to decide their reward structure and how best to incentivize and draw investors from the community. 

The Simracer coin project gaming pool will be the first as the team prepares for the Pirates 2048 Gaming Pool. Later, GGDApp will remain open to other game developers willing to onboard and create pools. 

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