How Flutterswap Aims To Become The #1 DeFi Solution On Binance Smart Chain


Flutterswap aims to become the go-to solution for all things related to decentralized finance on the Binance Smart Chain. A recent rebrand and expansion to BSC confirm the appeal of this ecosystem. Moreover, these developments pave the way for broader global crypto adoption. 

Flutterswap Arrives On BSC

The appeal of the Binance Smart Chain in decentralized finance cannot be ignored. It is the third-most-popular ecosystem for DeFi protocols by Total Value Locked (TVL), behind Ethereum and Terra. The current TVL of $14.75 billion confirms a strong commitment to this ecosystem and everything it stands for. Moreover, BSC is home to over 300 DeFi protocols and services, thanks to its fast transactions and low network fees.

The recent deployment of Flutterswap on BSC marks a crucial milestone. Unlike Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain caters to the needs of DApp and DeFi providers. Moreover, Flutterswap provides a variety of services – including DEX, Staking, multi-chain IDO solutions, NFT support, liquidity pools, and a multi-chain wallet – which benefit from the network’s robustness. 

Ultimately, Flutterswap aims to become the largest decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. Second, they want to onboard millions of people to DeFi and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. Third, as BSC provides multi-chain support to connect to other blockchains and EVM compatibility, it is a powerful layer for ecosystems like Flutterswap. 

Flutterswap’s decentralized exchange supports all tokens issued on the Binance Smart Chain. Users can trade, swap, stake, farm, and provide liquidity for these assets. Additionally, the multi-chain NFT marketplace helps users create and list non-fungible tokens across multiple chains. That includes payment support for BNB, USDT, FSWAP, or other native tokens. 

Upcoming FSWAP IDO 

The native token of Flutterswap, known as FSWAP, will be sold during an upcoming token sale in the second quarter of 2022. Users can purchase a total of 5.75 million SWAP for $0.0175 each. When the token gets listed on exchanges and other trading platforms, it will have a listing price of $0.02. The token has a total supply of 150 million tokens, of which 25 million were sent to an unspendable address

The remaining supply will be distributed among team members and users who invested during the private sale. There is also a budget for centralized exchange listings and future marketing and development plans. Users who acquire FSWAP and stake it can tap into a pool of 99 million FSWAP in rewards, creating a strong incentive for users to approach the token with a long-term mindset. 

The IDO for FSWAP is part of the Flutterswap roadmap, which includes some other interesting concepts:

  • The first NFT sale on the multi-chain NFT marketplace
  • The first IDO on the Flutterswap IDO Launchpad
  • Ambassador Program
  • FSWAP token burning
  • Mobile Wallet Application
  • And much more!

Keep an eye on the Flutterswap social channels – Telegram, Telegram Announcements, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, and YouTube – for the latest news and updates! 

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