How DareNFT Is Planning To Revolutionize NFT Ownership


NFTs have much to recommend them. They come with a whole slew of advantages that artists would never have expected to get on one platform just a few years ago. As well as being integrated into the blockchain, they open up the road for substantial gains for their creators. The popularity of blockchain recently also means that NFTs gain increased exposure allowing creators far more exposure than they would have ever thought possible.

NFT 2.0 Is The Next Step In NFT Ownership

DareNFT is a platform that is looking to make NFTs even more efficient than they already are. Despite their popularity, NFTs are very illiquid during periods of low demand. Ownership concerns can also become a problem when more than one person works to create them. DareNFT is looking to create NFT 2.0 to solve all of these problems and more.

The following is possible with DareNFT 2.0 which is that the NFT income may be derived through royalty payments to owners from producers.It sustains smart contract and blockchain co-ownership models. Support for the NFT rental multi-chain concept across many networks is what DareNFT offers. Moreover, Backward compatibility also means that NFT1.0 will be fully compatible with NFT 2.0

Hence, the new 2.0 model will allow royalty payments, renting, and co-ownership creating a truly new frontier in the space. As a result of backward c+ompatibility, no one will be left out. All people looking to enter into the new NFT2.0 will be able to.

The DareNFT Protocol

The DareNFT protocol  will allow for a new class of NFT applications. With DareNFT, song owners will now be able to gain royalties for remixes. Authors can gain royalties for translations and resales. Game developers and players alike can gain royalties from people making use of both the game engines and in-game items allowing for unprecedented NFT liquidity. 

DareNFT will also allow viewers to trace each derivatives’ origin and easily find the original work as well as its ensuing history. Having an income stream from their derivative work that can be monitored via smart contracts will certainly make creators happy provided that these contracts are fair and remuneration is ensured.

One of the main pillars of NFT 2.0 will be renting of assets between users. As a pillar, its economy will be heavily reliant on it and could make or break its entire system. It seems DareNFT is looking to leverage the advantages of renting NFTs while solving problems particular to it to draw users to its platform. When you possess an asset or item, renting it out to another user and earning royalties or commissions is simpler and more lucrative than waiting to sell the asset for a profit and then renting it again. 

Two main issues arise from this. First of all, it’s a big investment for the new investor, and it may be a deterrent for them from entering the market. Second, renting is tough for those who already own an item since everyone wants to lease their underutilized asset to make money.

The problem with NFTs is similar to the problem with artwork. Waiting for them to increase in value can be painstakingly difficult and is usually an exercise in patience. DareNFT will thus allow holders to rent out their NFTs and regain them on the expiration of the contract. With this, you can make money on NFTs you already own without selling them.

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