How cryptocurrency is used in the world of gambling

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Problems with paying with e-wallets in many countries around the world have led many people to look for alternative ways. Those who regularly replenished their balance or withdrew money from online casinos also faced difficulties. There is a solution, it is enough to use just one service and connect cryptocurrencies in transactions.

What is the easiest way to buy crypto and make a deposit in an online casino through cryptocurrency exchanges? All modern gambling sites like online casinos offer to deposit and withdraw money in digital coins. Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum and their analogues. It is not difficult to exchange real currency for them, it is enough to register at least on one exchange.

Cryptocurrencies in the world of gambling

Many do not yet know about the benefits of crypto money. Transactions are safe, commissions are small, complete confidentiality. In the world of gambling, all this helps to conduct transactions quickly and conveniently.

Online casinos offer many deposit/withdrawal methods. If you previously used wallets that are no longer available, simply switch to cryptocurrency. You can buy it in a couple of clicks on one of the exchanges and immediately transfer it to your gaming account. Then, in the same way, withdraw winnings to exchanges, exchange for real currency and transfer to a wallet or card.

Crypto helps to maintain confidentiality, transactions in the blockchain cannot be tracked, no one knows who and where makes the transfer. Therefore, when receiving winnings or making deposits, the data remains private. As before, it will be possible to enjoy gambling entertainment, easily exchanging winnings for any currency.

Instructions – how to make a deposit in an online casino in cryptocurrency using an exchange?

Replenishment of the game balance is somewhat different from making a deposit from payment systems, where payment is made immediately. First you need to go to your personal account on the casino website, go to the replenishment and select the cryptocurrency that you bought on the exchange. For example, this is Litecoin.

We select the amount in dollars, the system immediately calculates how much LTC we need to transfer. Below is the wallet number where you need to send the cryptocurrency. Now we return to the exchange, find Litecoin in the balances and press the button with the minus sign to withdraw.

In the window that opens, we need to enter the wallet number (obtained on the casino website), as well as indicate exactly the same amount. For convenience, it is immediately calculated taking into account the commission. As a rule, within a few minutes, the crypto comes to the casino account, where the money is automatically converted and you already see dollars on the balance sheet (as much as you indicated when replenishing).

How to withdraw winnings through crypto and get real money?

Payments from the casino like on the United Kingdom page on BestAuCasinosOnline are carried out according to a similar scheme, only first you need to go to the exchange and get your wallet number there in order to accept Litecoin. We go to the balances and in front of the desired crypto we press the button with the plus sign. A window opens where the address is presented in the usual format and as a QR code.

This is the number of your wallet – the internal balance on the exchange. Now you need to order a payout from the casino on it. Go to the withdrawal section, select Litecoin, a form opens where you need to enter the wallet address, select the currency and enter the amount:

Here the amount is indicated in the national currency, but the transfer is made in LTC. In most cases, the cryptocurrency arrives within a few minutes. To get fiat, you need to exchange coins back for the national currency or dollars. As well as when replenishing, you need to select a currency pair and make a deal through orders, only this time to sell coins.

There are many more ways to get real money, you can even transfer funds to a bank card or phone number. If you can replenish the balance in the casino directly, then receiving payments through the exchange is really more convenient, and transactions in cryptocurrency will ensure complete anonymity.

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges

You can make transactions with cryptocurrencies not only through one exchange, there are many others. They have different methods of input and output, somewhere the commission is lower, somewhere verification is required, but in any case, they help to work with crypto (send and receive coins). The best and most popular:

  • Exmo is one of the first exchanges to start working with fiat. The list of supported cryptocurrencies is small, but there are the most famous ones, so it is suitable for depositing in a casino. To conduct transactions with currencies, verification is required. You can make transactions with bank cards.
  • Binance – the largest exchange recently also connected fiat and it also requires verification to use it. When withdrawing, many convenient wallets are added to the methods.
  • KuCoin is a large and well-known platform that is actively used by traders. In many respects similar to the previous project. Launched in 2017, it has the lowest commission and no mandatory verification. Fiat transactions are supported through bank cards, the site is translated into many languages.

Even on the exchange, no one will know where and where the cryptocurrency is sent from. All transactions remain anonymous, so there is no connection with the casino. If you do not want to use them, create a regular crypto wallet and carry out transactions through exchangers and a lot of casinos support such a feature, for example BestAuCasinosOnline. Also they are writing useful articles and you can see their roulette review for Australian players for example.


When adding cryptocurrencies to input and output operations, some nuances appear. It becomes more difficult to conduct transactions, but all payments are anonymous and secure. As long as there are problems when replenishing at an online casino, this is the perfect solution. Once using the exchange or exchangers, you get used to it, then you already make deposits and withdraw winnings in a few clicks.

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