How Cryptocurrency Helps You Make Money

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Making money from digital currencies has become a big thing. Many people buy coins for many reasons, mainly to make more money. There are numerous ways in which cryptocurrency permits you to make money. Most of them are similar to fiat currencies. While some involve a lot of risks, some are less risky than others. You will need a Bitcoin calculator to monitor cryptocurrency’s exchange rate to fiat currencies. It will help you know how to calculate your risk and when to invest.  

What are the Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency

If you plan to profit from buying cryptocurrency, there are several ways to do so. Some popular ones are:

  1. MINING: When cryptocurrency was still growing, people could mine from home on a primary computer, but presently, you need a specialized computer known as a node, explicitly created for mining because it takes up a lot of energy due to the increase in computation power. So what is mining?

Mining is the process of creating new coins and validating existing transactions to prevent double-spending by coin holders. 

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This is because cryptocurrency is decentralized; hence, there is a need to safeguard blockchains by validating transactions.

Mining requires a decentralized network of specialized computers to solve a complex computational math problem to verify the blockchain in exchange for rewards. Mining is done by organizations or miners who pool their resources together to build up rewards. The first miner to solve the problem is rewarded. Many miners use the miner’s bitcoin calculator to calculate their rewards. 

You can also participate through cloud mining. 

2. HODL: HODL or hodl is a misspelling of hold that originated in 2013 from the post of a GamKyuubi on a BitcoinTalk thread titled I AM HODLING. HODL is the process of holding cryptocurrency in a wallet in the long haul to sell it later in the future. It has become a trendy term in the crypto world and has generated an acronym for ‘Hold on for Dear Life.  

This form of investment is not affected by fluctuations as the investor just holds on to his assets for an extended period. It is employed mainly by crypto owners with little knowledge of trading as a safe investing method. 

3. TRADING: Being a crypto trader requires a lot of knowledge and time. Traders look out for fluctuations in market price and take advantage of them. It involves speculating prices to know when to buy or sell. You could trade in the long-term or short-term, like the day traders who sell off before the end of the day, but if you’re a beginner, you will need a bitcoin calculator to navigate the risks. Although risky, trading is very lucrative. 

4. STAKING: Staking cryptocurrency runs on the proof of stake consensus mechanism, which is a better alternative to the proof of work mechanism. It is a source of passive income that involves locking up your funds in a crypto wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. 

You get rewards for your stake when you are chosen to validate a block.

5. YIELD FARMING: Yield farmers put cryptocurrency(mostly stable coins) or tokens into a DeFi platform through smart contracts to facilitate lending and borrowing to other investors. Yield farmers often move their currencies across different platforms to earn more you don’t need a bitcoin calculator in this case. These farmers are rewarded with cryptocurrency.  

The risk of losing your funds is low because borrowers use their crypto holdings as collateral, so a farmer will most likely not lose his investment. 

6. LIQUIDITY MINING: While liquidity mining is quite similar to yield farming, lending out your crypto asset here is not for borrowing, but it is offered to liquidity pools in the DeFi protocol to execute a trade. Liquidity providers are given the native cryptocurrency or Governance Tokens as a reward.

How do I Use a Bitcoin Calculator?

The Bitcoin calculator is a handy tool for monitoring your investment. The calculator shows you the real-time conversion rate of fiat currencies to cryptocurrency and vice versa. This allows you to constantly watch rates and know when to sell or buy coins. 

You could also use the Bitcoin investment calculator to calculate your profit or loss and the returns on investment. These calculators let you compare your initial investment to the current asset you have. 

Using the Bitcoin calculator is of great advantage as an investor as it helps you keep track of your investments and determine what coin to invest in and when to invest. 


Cryptocurrency has been gaining ground in recent years, and the price of stable coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum keeps accelerating steadily. Investing in cryptocurrency helps you make money through mining, staking, or hodling, to mention a few. The investment option you would key into will depend on your investment plans. However it is, Cryptocurrency helps you make money, and it’s an excellent industry to buy into. 

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