How Crypto Launchpads Like BoostX and Solanium Could Make You a Crypto Millionaire

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There is a new buzzword making its rounds within the cryptocurrency world. “Launchpads” are gaining increasing popularity as a place to find the best new cryptocurrencies that could make huge returns.

Initial DEX offering Launchpads, such as BoostX, are increasingly connecting investors with new DeFi projects that have aleardy generated returns of over 3000% in just a few weeks.

Due to lower entry barriers and increased access to a larger pool of investors, cryptocurrency fundraising has gained traction. As is the case with startup incubators, crypto launchpads assist projects in raising capital via offerings such as initial coin offerings (IDOs). 

Crypto launchpads aid projects in raising capital through their platform. Creators submit their crypto projects to a launchpad for review and approval. Among other things, the vetting process takes into account the project’s development roadmap, potential for widespread adoption, the team behind the project, and the project’s benefits to the crypto ecosystem.

The Benefits of IDO Launchpads is that they provide a place where both startups and investors can connect from all over the world. Investors gain early access to projects through the launchpad, resulting in a lower token price than others will pay later.

Investors are also less likely to lose money or become victims of scams as a result of security checks during the vetting process. Additionally, launchpads are not expensive to invest in which means even those with a limited amount to invest with can participate.

Some of the most popular launchpads available at the moment include BoostX and Solanium.  


BoostX is unique among launchpads in that it evaluates and selects cryptocurrency projects on a variety of blockchain platforms.

BoostX also provides the technology that enables new projects to conduct successful presales and launches through the use of an innovative presale dashboard with dynamic pricing.

In addition to promoting these cryptocurrencies on their platform, BoostX also provides advisory services to startups, such as mentorship and assistance with cryptocurrency marketing. As a result, several of the projects supported by BoostX have grown more than 3000% since their inception.

With numerous additional DeFi projects in development, BoostX may be the best place currently to discover new cryptos with massive upside potential.

Another popular launchpad is Solanium, Solana’s inaugural launchpad, which receives approximately 30,000 visitors for each IDO (Initial DEX Offering) launched on the platform. Users must own the native token xSLIM in order to participate in any project. This token entitles users to launch any approved project at any of the procedure’s five tiers.


Solanium has hosted 26 independent development organisations (IDOs), raising more than $9.8 million.

Numerous projects involving Solanium have been announced, including SEED (SHILL), Cryowar (CWAR), DeFi Land (DFL), Solice (SLC), and Port Finance (PORT).

Bear in mind that, as is the case with any cryptocurrency venture, investing in crypto projects on launchpads entails some risk. Their business models are extremely dependent on the success or failure of the project. As a result, if the value of their projects declines, the value of the native token also declines.

Launchpads can be risky, especially if you want to connect with the most promising startups. Having said that, they are an excellent way for startups and investors to collaborate without involving intermediaries or imposing other restrictions. You do not have to be a venture capitalist or a seasoned startup founder to invest or raise funds. It is an unrestricted platform and potentially the future of crowdfunding.

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