How Crypto Is Easier Than Ever With Life Crypto

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There is no denying that there are many benefits to cryptocurrency, as an investment tool and simply as a currency. Its value can possibly appreciate over time, sending it is often quicker than fiat currency, and it offers a level of control not usually enjoyed by consumers. 

Despite all these benefits, there are still some issues with using crypto that make it not as widely used as fiat currency. Notably, there’s the issue of wallet addresses. The typical crypto wallet address is a combination of numbers and letters that could be as long as 20 characters. 

Anyone who sends crypto regularly knows that these characters need to be double or triple-checked before the transaction is sent. If even one character is out of place, the funds could be lost forever. Compared to the simple process of sending to contacts on a bank app or other payment platform, cryptocurrency can seem more cumbersome. 

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Now, Life Crypto, a new crypto platform that is due to launch in the summer of 2022 is working to simplify the ways that we interact with cryptocurrency as a whole. 

Bringing Crypto to Life 

One of Life Crypto’s standout features is that it allows users to send crypto to others using a short nickname and not a long combination of characters. This makes the crypto transfer process much easier and more straightforward. After all, it is easier to send funds to ‘UserX’ as opposed to a 2-character chain of letters. 

While the app itself will not be available till the summer of 2022, users can begin reserving their usernames on the  Life Crypto platform for the next few months. The wallet, when released, will be non-custodial, highly secure and will allow users to retain control of their keys even as they send money to others and pay for goods and services. 

Because of the many cryptos that people use these days, the wallet will be multi-chain, with  Life Crypto tokens being compatible with both  ERC20 and BEP20. This gives  Life Crypto users access to some of the top tokens in the industry even as they enjoy more ease of use. 

Life Crypto users can also get a debit card to go along with their wallets.  Life Crypto is currently in discussions with Mastercard for this development that will allow them to spend crypto on the go for everyday things. 

While cryptocurrency can easily be used by  Life Crypto members for payments to businesses and to other people, there are also options for using cryptocurrency as an investment tool. The biggest of these is a staking platform that allows users to earn interest on their tokens. 

The rates that  Life Crypto offers are also quite impressive, especially when you compare them to those of your typical bank. As per  Life Crypto management, the rates that will be offered are 30%, 35%, 39% APR for 1 month, 6 months, and 12-months terms. 

Whatever term a user chooses, they have a timer that shows how long they have left before the term expires. At any time, users can see also their rewards balance and withdraw those rewards every hour!

A Simpler World of Crypto 

At the center of  Life Crypto’s business philosophy is simplicity for customers. Whether sending funds or staking their tokens, customers being able to do everything they want from one platform in as few sites as possible is key. 

This is, ultimately, what the industry needs as it enters a new era. Life crypto will revolutionize the crypto industry with its highly secure multi chain non custodial wallet with easy to use nicknames.






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