How Coinbase Plans to Fix Its “Broken” App Experience: A Deep Dive

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Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, recently witnessed a surge in on-chain activities on its novel layer-2 network, Base. But this surge highlighted some significant shortcomings within the platform’s user interface. The CEO, Brian Armstrong, acknowledged these issues and is making an unwavering commitment to enhancing the app’s user experience.

Onchain Summer: A Revelation

Between August 9th and 31st, Base hosted the “Onchain Summer“. This multi-week extravaganza was packed with product unveilings, brand integrations, and many non-fungible token (NFT) releases. But as exciting as the event was, it inadvertently revealed certain lapses within the Coinbase app, particularly regarding its user experience surrounding NFTs, decentralized apps, and layer-2 networks.

To address the situation, Armstrong took to Twitter on August 13th. He openly invited feedback, aiming to comprehend and tackle the primary concerns of users. By doing so, he hopes to swiftly implement updates targeting the identified problem areas over the forthcoming weeks.

Coinbase Users Speak Out

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The response from the user base was robust. The standout suggestion came from Racer, a developer at Friendtech. They pitched the idea of an expedited credit card on-ramp for Coinbase. This proposal would allow users to bypass the need for establishing a separate account.

Another pressing concern highlighted was an enduring glitch. Users encountered obstacles when linking Coinbase’s mobile wallet with the Google Chrome browser. Acknowledging the persistence of this issue, Armstrong assured users that it is on their radar for rectification.

The Broader UX Challenge in Crypto

The challenges faced by Coinbase aren’t unique. User experience (UX) has traditionally been a challenging aspect for many firms in the crypto sphere. Many realize the necessity to prioritize this, given its importance in fostering user trust and facilitating broader adoption.

Coinbase’s recent revelations and the proactive approach of its CEO underscore the importance of continuous evolution in the rapidly changing world of crypto. The emphasis on user feedback and swift remediation indicates a positive trajectory for the platform. It ensures Coinbase remains a formidable player in the crypto landscape.

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