How BudBlockz Is Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry With Cryptocurrency


The cannabis industry is about to take the crypto world by storm through BudBlockz (BLUNT). $BLUNT is currently in its pre-selling stage, with around 33% of tokens sold.  26,880,000 BLUNT tokens have also been sold during the private sale event. 

What Is BudBlockz?

BudBlockz is a new crypto player that aims to provide marijuana enthusiasts access to private, safe, and secure global cannabis markets. 

The company emphasizes that all its operations will remain within legal jurisdictions (the commercial sale of cannabis is legal nationwide in only three countries: Canada, Thailand, and Uruguay). One of BudBlockz’s projects is operating cannabis dispensaries in areas where $BLUNT can be the main currency. 

The cannabis industry is expected to grow as legality is slowly expanding state by state and country by country. The global cannabis market was worth $25.7 billion in 2021, and Forbes predicts it can reach $57 billion by 2026. 

The forecast for BudBlockz is just as optimistic, with economic specialists predicting it can reach a market cap of $176.5 billion within ten years of operations.

The Growing Weed & Crypto Community

BudBlockz can be a real game changer in the cannabis world, with weed as a unifying factor. There is a fundamental disconnect between non-crypto and crypto cannabis enthusiasts because of the complexity of blockchain technology. 

With BudBlockz, users can participate in encrypted peer-to-peer purchasing of weed. Blockchain technology ensures secure and reliable transactions. 

Crypto enthusiasts with BLUNT tokens have governing powers to ensure fair and transparent cannabis trading. The tokens have liquidity within the ecosystem, where participants can become cannabis farm owners, and fractional ownerships are awarded using NFT technology. 

BudBlockz also allows weed enthusiasts to participate in cannabis activities even when they are in restricted jurisdictions. They can become fractional owners and investors in BudBlockz dispensaries, farms, and products. 

It will strengthen the cannabis community because of a new platform where people can openly share their experiences regarding CBD use and trade. 

An online store will also be established to cater to people living in cannabis-friendly states and countries. The advantage of BudBlockz e-commerce is that users can enjoy complete privacy in every transaction using $BLUNT. There is also a reward system for $BLUNT token users to encourage its use.

NFT Marketplace

No crypto player can expect to succeed and grow without an NFT marketplace. BudBlockz offers collectibles that could help grow the cannabis industry. NFTs are available on most NFT platforms and BudBlockz’s platform. 

The decentralized NFT marketplace is built on Ethereum and offers interoperability with various blockchain networks. 

BudBlockz’s NFT space is called the Ganja Guruz Association, featuring artworks inspired by cannabis and video games from the 1990s.  Around 10,000 NFTs are expected to be minted during the final phase of the BudBlockz launch. 

Crypto users who become members of Ganja Guruz will be eligible for various perks, such as membership in BudBlockz dispensaries, discounts on products from online stores, and access to marketplaces for possible fractional ownership of dispensaries and farms. 

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