How Bitcoin, Ethereum Or Big Eyes Can End Your Year On A High


As we near the end of the year, many crypto users are reflecting on the dreadful 2022 has been when it comes to the crypto world. The majority of the year was spent with the market on the decline following the market crash in early summer. However, with only a couple of months to go until 2023, there may be a chance to end the year on a high with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Big Eyes (BIG).

The Ups and Downs Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been the topic of debate this year as it has been fluctuating around the $20,000 mark for the majority of the year. When the market crashed in June 2022, Bitcoin fell drastically and reached a low of approximately $17,000 during that time. Now, months later, BTC is valued at $20,500 at the time of writing. This is a prime reflection of the current market situation.

Whilst it hasn’t been a great year for the crypto world, many users used this time to ‘buy the dip’ in hopes for Bitcoin to rise in the future. For those who are looking to invest long-term, it is expected for BTC to rise as the market conditions get better.

As crypto has been around for over a decade now, it is constantly evolving and being globally adopted. Hence, it does not seem like Bitcoin or crypto, in general, will be going anywhere. However, it is always best to conduct thorough research before making any big purchases due to the volatility of the market.

The Impact Of The Ethereum Merge

Although 2022 hasn’t been a great year for the general market, it has been a big year for Ethereum as it reached an important milestone. For quite some time, there were talks of the Ethereum merge, a new way for Ethereum to run whilst using less energy – a common complaint of crypto. In September, the merge finally took place, allowing Ethereum to be more sustainable and scalable.

As Ethereum is the largest blockchain in the crypto world and its token ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency, the merge was a big milestone for not only Ethereum but the general market. Due to the influence Ethereum holds, this is likely to influence other crypto projects to follow in its footsteps of sustainability and eco-friendliness. This will allow Ethereum to grow and develop further, so keep your eyes on Ethereum for the future.

The Launch Of Big Eyes

Big Eyes is a meme coin currently in stage six of its presale. This means that this project has not officially launched yet but is expected to shortly, and buzz is building. As Big Eyes is a meme coin, it focuses heavily on community and online hype. With an NFT marketplace in plan within its ecosystem, it seems as if Big Eyes is a great platform for meme and NFT lovers.

Although there are multiple meme coins out there, Big Eyes differs from them all as it creates a fun, enjoyable environment for its users. The coin is also environmentally conscious: 5% of BIG tokens will be donated to charity to help save the oceans.

It is rare to find a strong, high-potential crypto project that also puts charity as one of its core missions. Not only does Big Eyes aim to provide its users with a platform they enjoy and can earn rewards from, but also aims to provide benefits to future generations.

Set to launch sometime soon, you could potentially end the year on a high by purchasing BIG tokens whilst it is in presale! Follow the link to buy below and stay updated through their website and Telegram.




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