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Savings accounts become less appealing every day due to their low or negative interest rates. In the cryptocurrency world, there are always exciting opportunities to explore. Crypterium’s support for three top stablecoins can change the entire narrative of savings accounts altogether. 

The New Era Of Savings Accounts

Something needs to change in the financial world. Consumers and corporations want to put their money to work to earn more passive revenue. Unfortunately, very few traditional options provide decent returns at this stage. The common approach of keeping money in a savings account is losing appeal due to low or negative interest returns. Finding an alternative becomes essential, but that is no easy feat.

In the cryptocurrency world, there are various options to earn a decent return on investment. Most options involve using assets that are susceptible to market volatility, making them less appealing to risk-averse users. Bitcoin and similar currencies can see prices swing by 5% per day or more, quickly negating the potential returns users can achieve. 

There is a viable alternative, however, in the form of stablecoins. Unlike traditional crypto assets, a stablecoin has its value pegged to fiat currency and can’t deviate from it. Crypterium sees stablecoins as a worthwhile option to provide alternative savings account solutions to the broader public. More importantly, the company provides a much higher APY than any other service on the market today, making it a very appealing option.

The Viability Of Stablecoins

On the surface, investors may not see much appeal for stablecoins. Their value is stable at all times, reducing overall volatility. Unfortunately, that also means they cannot rise in value whatsoever, making them far less appealing to speculators and traders chasing quick profits. However, for those who prefer to look at the long-term game, stablecoins can provide a viable alternative to savings accounts.

Crypterium COO Austin Kimm explains:

“Stablecoin deposits are a great alternative to traditional fiat savings accounts. As a reference, the U.S. average interest rate on savings accounts is 0.04% as of 2021. That’s extremely low. Digital currencies have the power to offer a big boost on standard savings while still guaranteeing currency stability.”

With an APY of up to 15.6%, Crypterium can provide a higher return than other market providers can today. With a market average of 12% on stablecoins, the solution by Cryptertium outpaces the competition. Moreover, it is a much higher return than traditional savings accounts, creating a far more competitive solution for those actively seeking risk-free interest-based options.

As users can access this savings account via mobile devices – as well as the option to purchase the supported stablecoins – Crypterium creates a compelling environment to onboard thousands, if not millions of users to the cryptocurrency industry. providing risk-free and high-yield savings accounts for stablecoins is the next step in the evolution 

Closing Thoughts

There are many options to explore in the cryptocurrency world, some of which do not require taking any risks with volatility. Gaining exposure to higher APYs by using currencies that cannot derail in value – either for better or worse –  will attract many consumers and cater to institutional users exploring cryptocurrency opportunities. 

Not everything in this industry needs to incur risk to investors. Stablecoins are viable assets capable of providing alternative solutions to traditional finance. The search for a high APY goes beyond traditional savings accounts yet doesn’t need to involve volatile assets such as Bitcoin per se. 

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