Holo Price Uptrend Continues as Weiss Ratings Spreads the Love

CryptoMode Holo Price Uptrend

Most of the cryptocurrency markets are in the green, which is a promising sign. Looking beyond the top 25, it seems Holochain is getting a lot of attention from traders and speculators again. Its most recent uptrend has pushed the value above $0.001 again, and it seems further gains might materialize in the coming days.

Holo Price Momentum Seems Solid

When virtually all cryptocurrencies go in the green, it is a matter of time until a correction sets in. No financial market can go up in value for an extended period of time without facing some setbacks along the way. In the case of Holo, it seems the uptrend is still firmly in place right now, primarily because the token continues to note small gains across the board.

Over the past 24 hours, Holo has gained another 4.7% in USD value, as well as 3.5% over Bitcoin and 1% over Ethereum. All of these indicators show there may be a further uptrend in the coming days and weeks, although this market will see a small correction regardless. Its trading volume is still a bit on the weak side as well, although that shouldn’t cause any major concerns as of right now.

It would appear as if the Weiss Ratings team is smitten by Holochain at this time. The agency recently issued a tweet confirming how Holochain is the version of cryptocurrency Bitcoin was supposed to be but can’t achieve at this time. A very bullish sentiment where HOT is concerned, although it may not necessarily affect the market in a significant manner.

Liberty Crypto is confident Holcohain is the next big thing in all of cryptocurrency. While that may certainly be the case, there is still plenty of work to be done prior to taking this concept to the mainstream. Whether or not the Holo price will go 10x in the coming weeks, is very difficult to predict. It is certainly possible, albeit not necessarily plausible.

Holochain_Goat, a Twitter account dedicated to the Holo price and its market movements, is quite confident whales are getting in on this altcoin as of right now. While that may effectively be the case,  it is a bit unclear how this will affect the price in the coming weeks. For now, reaching $0.0011 will be challenging, despite potential “whales’ involvement.

Based on the current market conditions, there is a good chance the Holo price will continue to rise ever so slightly in the coming days. A correction will set in eventually, but it shouldn’t push the price below $0.001 by any means. Even so, cryptocurrency markets remain unpredictable first and foremost, and anything can happen. That is part of what makes these markets so interesting to watch.

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