Holo Price Remains Bullish as Market Cap top 25 Looms Ahead

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Even though nearly all top markets are dealing with some steep setbacks, there is plenty of price action to note further down the line. Last week, the Holo price suddenly caught many people’s attention. It would appear that trend will continue this week, as fresh gains have begun forming across the board.

Holo Price Surge Isn’t Over Just Yet

It has been quite remarkable to see how one particular market can put every other offering in the top 50 to shame. Last week, the value of Holo nearly doubled, even though there was no bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency industry whatsoever. That alone seems to indicate this altcoin is capable of doing something no other cryptocurrency can today: not follow Bitcoin’s trend. A remarkable feat of strength that continues to make speculators good money in the process.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been another 17.5% increase in Holo’s value. Combined with a 21.8% gain over Bitcoin and a 26.8% improvement in HOT/ETH, it is evident this market is well worth paying attention to right now. Following these strong gains, the Holo price currently sits at $0.001419. It is not an all-time high just yet, albeit that level is no longer that far away.

When looking at social media, it would appear Holo is still the talk of the town today. Rodge Amsterdam has shared a very interesting image. It depicts an imminent partnership between Holochain and the Firefox OS developers. What that partnership will entail exactly, remains to be determined. It would appear this has something to do with the impending launch of Holoport, a solution that will transcend traditional blockchain and DLT products.

It is also interesting to note how Holo continues to climb the market cap rankings as of late. Although it was well outside the top 25 just a few days ago, that situation has now changed significantly. A few hours ago, it hit #28 and currently sits at #27. It wouldn’t be impossible to see it hit #25 in the coming hours, albeit one has to wonder how long such a process would take exactly.

For those who prefer a more technical outlook at the current HOT price chart, ChingasX sums it up quite nicely. So far, the chart shows higher lows are noted after every new higher high. As such, it is likely this current trend will repeat itself for quite some time to come. Based on that analysis, it seems a push to 46 Satoshi might happen soon, although the overall trend might reverse at some point in the near future.

When looking at all of these factors, it becomes evident Holo has gone through a very positive run. Unfortunately, all good things will come to an abrupt demise, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s current momentum can easily drive more speculators to Holo and similar currencies, for the time being. As such, the overall trend can easily swing either way, depending on how long people are willing to pour money into Holo.

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