Holo Price Pumps by 25% as Other Markets Remain Uber Bearish

CryptoMode Holo Price Uptrend

Despite overwhelming bearish pressure across all top cryptocurrency markets, some altcoins continue to buck the trend. Holo is one interesting example in this regard. Whereas other markets note strong losses, the Holo price continues to rise in spectacular fashion. This shows now is the time for altcoins to decouple themselves from Bitcoin. Whether any of them can even do so, remains to be seen.

Holo Price Trend is Very Surprising

When Bitcoin’s value decreases in spectacular fashion, all other markets will follow suit pretty quickly. Today is one of those rare days where this unwritten rule doesn’t necessarily apply. If Holo is any indication, today is the day to note very strong gains regardless of what happens to Bitcoin. It is a bit unusual to see a trend like this one materialize at such a time, although it may not necessarily remain in place for very long.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a very notable uptrend in the Holo department. A 28% gain in USD value pushes the price back up to $0.000779. There are also 34% gains against both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are far more impressive to keep an eye on. Sustaining all of this momentum with just $25.4m in trading volume may not necessarily be all that easy either.

In terms of what may be driving the price up, the recent Dev Pulse may have something to do with it. Keeping the community informed regarding new developments and ongoing improvements is of the utmost importance. Investors expect regular updates from developers these days. It would appear the Holo developers are doing exactly that, which is all one can ask for at this time.

It would also appear Holo has gotten listed on yet another exchange. Improving the overall liquidity for this altcoin can pave the way for much broader adoption. Users can seemingly also rely on multiple local payment methods to buy Holo, and PayPal is also supported. A bit of a risky approach, although any option to get more people interested in a specific coin can be considered to be a good thing.

When looking at the overall cryptocurrency market trend, it is evident Holo is currently the strongest gainer of the bunch. Whether or not that is a sign people should chase the top, remains to be determined, Although good money can be made with HOT as of right now, this steep uptrend can easily collapse at any given moment.

As is always the case in crypto land. Bitcoin will dictate the pace in one way or another. It seems unlikely Holo can escape the bearish trend for much longer, but one never knows how things will evolve exactly. For the time being, the uptrend can remain in place, but the candle can turn deep red very fast. An interesting weekend trend to keep an eye on.

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